11 Best Things To Do In Chile

This thin, narrow nation winding along South America’s coast is definitely one of the most different regions on the continent. Chile’s dramatic landscapes include lava-fueled volcanoes, sun-soaked beaches, and huge glaciers.

If you want to spend any length of time outside, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the sheer quantity of things to do in Chile. The world’s driest desert, breathtaking landscape of glaciers and fjords, and the many volcanoes around the Pacific “ring of fire” are among the major attractions. Chile is also a fantastic place to go trekking, surfing, paragliding, and swimming.

Marble Caves

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

The Marble Caves, with swirls of blues, greens, blacks, and yellows, is one of Chile’s most amazing natural marvels. This fascinating cave system is built of solid marble and was formed over thousands of years by water erosion. It’s a breathtaking picture when set against the lake’s vivid turquoise waves.

Bahia Inglesa

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

Take a peaceful beach vacation at Bahia Inglesa. This seaside community, located near the Port of Caldera, offers everything you could possibly want: white-sand beaches, mild waves, and lots of shops and restaurants to keep you busy.

Isla Magdalena

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

Come to Isla Magdalena and meet some of Chile’s cutest locals! During the mating season, the Magellanic penguin population visits this little island to nest. More than 120,000 penguins will be seen between September and March (many of which are incredibly friendly to humans).

Mamalluca Observatory

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

A fascinating tour of the Mamalluca Observatory will take you on a star-studded adventure through numerous galaxies, planets, and constellations. The observatory is situated high in the mountains in the Region of Coquimbo, where it is insulated from the city’s loud light pollution.

Because of the optimum sky conditions, you will be able to view far beyond our own planet.

Paragliding in Iquique

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

The coastal city of Iquique is regarded as one of the top paragliding locations in the world. Inquique’s natural beauty is stunning on its own, with miles of shoreline and unrivalled views of the ocean. But it’s much more magnificent from hundreds of feet in the air.

Robinson Crusoe Island

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

Robinson Crusoe Island is located off the coast of Chile. It is the second-largest island in the Juan Fernandez Islands, despite having just a few hundred residents.

Except for scuba divers interested in examining the submerged WWI wreckage off the shore, it has remained largely unspoiled by tourists.

Surfing in Pichilemu

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

The lovely coastal village of Pichilemu is a surfer’s paradise. While the water isn’t as warm as it is in other places of the globe, the barreling waves provide great conditions for surfers of all ability levels.

If you’re just getting started on a surfboard, Playa Principal de Pichilemu is a good place to start. The quiet, gentle waves and number of lifeguards make it a great site to learn to surf.

Hiking Volcan Villarrica

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

Hiking Volcano Villarrica is not for the faint of heart. It is one of the most active volcanoes in South America, with the most recent eruption happening in 2015. Hiking to the peak will be one of the most remarkable experiences you’ll ever experience if you’re ready for the task.

Chiloé churches

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

The Churches of Chiloé are 70 churches scattered along Chile’s coast. Many of the churches were erected by Jesuits who crossed over from Spain in the 18th and 19th centuries.

However, unlike typical European architecture, these churches were built from wood. However, the Churches of Chiloé are still immaculate instances of Europe’s impact on Latin America.

Valle de la Luna

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

The beautiful Valle de la Luna seems to be on the surface of another planet. This lunar scene is situated in the middle of the Atacama desert and is made up of massive dunes, jagged mountains, and unusual rock formations.

Cerro San Cristobal

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

The Cerro San Cristobal, one of Chile’s most famous natural monuments, dominates the Santiago skyline. This tree-lined hill, named for St. Christopher, offers some of the greatest views in the city. From the peak, you can see the lively streets of Santiago.

Glacier San Rafael

11 Best Things To Do In Chile

The San Rafael Glacier is one of the greatest ice caps in the Northern Patagonian ice fields. San Rafael Glacier, unlike other glaciers, is bordered by lush green rainforests, which offers an interesting background against the striking blue hues of the ice.

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