10 BEST Places to Visit in PUNE to Make the Most of your Trip


Headed to Pune and scared that there won’t be much to do here than visit the usual landmarks and museums or just meander around your hotel? Fear not, there are a plethora of possibilities for you to have a good time in Pune. One of the finest ways to do so is to go on vacation trips near Pune, of which there are many.
In a single day visit near Pune, you can find calm in the hills, blow your mind with adventure sports, and relax in an ultimate way on a beach, among other things. The place is close to several natural wonders that will calm your senses.
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10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip

A prominent historical landmark in Pune is Shaniwarwada which is considered as one of the best Pune tourist places. It is a majestic fortification that was built in 1732 and during that time it was the seat of the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. But in 1828, the fort was destroyed by a huge fire and later the remnants were transformed to become a tourist site. The major buildings inside the fort are Thora Rayancha Diwankhana or the court reception hall of the eldest royal member, Naachacha Diwankhana which is the dance hall, Juna Arsa Mahal that is the Old Mirror Hall, and so on. The doorways were made of teak arches with ornamental teardrop teak pillars shaped like Suru trunks. Ceilings were beautified by numerous chandeliers and the floors were filled with polished marble adorned with rich Persian rugs. The walls displayed paintings depicting the Hindu epics. The top floor of the building was enacted as the residence of the Peshwa and it was called Meghadambari. Among many places to visit in Pune, this palace has its own value and is a must visit location.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Vetal Tekdi

A prominent hill in the city limits of Pune is Vetal Hill which is the highest point at an elevation of 2600 feet and one of the unforgettable places to see in Pune. Vetala temple is also located on the top of the hill and that is how the hill got its name as Vetal Hill. Adventure seekers come here in plenty to escape from the hustles and bustles of the city and it is a great morning trek location and it is one of the best places to visit in Pune. If you plan to trek to the hill, you will be exploring Pune’s best places here, but it is advised to trek up the hill before dawn to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and the unbeatable serenity.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Parvati Hill

This beautiful lush green hill is one of the prominent Pune visiting places. Not only is the place popular for trekking and escaping into nature, but is famous for its ancient Paravati Temple atop the summit. One of the best activities in Pune is to see the sunset from this hilltop, which is reachable after a climb of around 103 steps. There are also other temples like Devdeveshwar temple, Kartikeya temple, and Vishnu temple at the top. Don’t miss the Peshwa Museum to see pictures and exhibits about the glorious life of Peshwa rulers.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad fort of Pune presents a magnificent trekking and sightseeing adventure. Sinhagad is amongst those few historical monuments which are blessed with ample sightseeing spots. Kalyan Darwaza, Pune Darwaza, Statue of Tanaji Malusare, Khadakwasla Dam, Hanuman Temple, and Chatrapati Rajaram Memorial are key attractions of this place. The fortress has an elevation of around 1312 m above sea level and has got its own breakneck slopes to protect it from all sides. Sinhagad Trekking route is 16 km long and is blessed with abundant hilltops and mountain chains. Night trekking from old Katraj’s Tunnel Top is the best thing you can do when you plan a trekking trip there. Pune Airport is the nearest airport to the Sinhagad fortress.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Mulshi Lake And Dam

Mulshi Lake and Dam have been reformed to be one of the major tourist places in Pune and those who love to capture the pleasant pictures of nature at its best flood toward this lake and dam built on the famous Mula River. It is located in the Mulshi Taluka administrative division of the Pune district. It is also a perfect spot for birding, nature walk, photography, and trekking near Pune because of the pristine nature’s influence on the location so well. During monsoon, the lake and dam will be overflowing and the gushing water produces some soothing voices enough to let any perplexed mind be relaxed. Hence people come to enjoy the beauty of the lake and dam during the heavy rainy season.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Aga Khan Palace

Yet another amazing landmark and one of the famous places to visit in Pune with friends and family is the Aga Khan Palace which was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III in 1892. In the history of India, this palace placed itself on a prominent space as one of the biggest landmarks in India. The mighty monument is an important part of Pune tourism and is also considered to be a sparkling jewel in Indian history which had a close connection with the Indian freedom movement since it served as a prison for Mahatma Gandhi and his wife, his secretary, and Sarojini Naidu. The palace is exactly situated about 2 kilometers away from Bund Garden in Yerwada on Pune Nagar Road. The palace presents Italian arches and a huge lawn at the front and it houses five falls.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park

Go for an amazing outing with your friends and family to Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park when you are in the city of Pune. The famous park is known for having a snake park, an animal orphanage, and a zoo that makes it totally worth a visit for lovers of wildlife and nature. Some famous animals which can be spotted here are a white tiger, leopard, blackbucks, elephants, sambhars, etc. There is also a 13 ft cobra that gathers the most attention from tourists visiting the snake park inside the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. Take an exciting trip to learn more about snakes and reptiles and come back with more knowledge about these elusive creatures.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Adlabs Imagica

The much-publicized theme park called Adlabs Imagica is the latest addition to the list of popular things to do in Pune. The park has a wide range of shows, water rides, thrill rides, and much more and it is one of the best places to visit in Pune with family. Thrill res like ‘scream machine’, ‘nitro’ and ‘gold rush express’ is sure to induce an adrenaline rush. Family and kid-friendly rides include ‘Bump it boats’, ‘splash ahoy’, ‘the magic carousel’, ‘happy wheels’ and ‘Humpty’s fall’, which will make a family outing to this place a worthwhile experience. Try the various rides available at the amusement park, meet and take pictures with the cartoon characters on the grounds, enjoy performances by magicians, stilt walkers, jugglers, and clowns. Visit this incredible park to get a fun-loving and thrilling experience.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
M.g. Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road or M.G. Road, as it is better known locally, is one of the principal shopping places in Pune. It is a truly diverse and vibrant market that has some of the best malls on one hand and fast, smart street fashion on the other. You are likely to shop to your heart’s delight here! Do not forget to pick up some pretty earrings, quirky shoes, or eclectic scarves while you are here. Stock up on bags of chips from the famous Budhani wafers and cakes from Kayani Bakery. Also, set some time aside to eat at one of the charming local eateries such as Marz-o-rin, Pasteur, George’s restaurant.


10 Best Places To Visit In Pune To Make The Most Of Your Trip
Hong Kong Lane

This super-popular street on Deccan Road is ‘THE’ place for shopping in Pune. By the array of accessories to choose from, shopaholics will be easily taken away. The accessories like bags, books, and mobile stores are what dominates this lane. Shops here are overloaded with mobile phone cases and decked with sunglasses, caps, and wallets. The amount of footwear available here is overwhelming. Jewellery addicts are sure to go gaga over the number of choices of earrings, rings, and necklaces available here at slashed prices. This is really an ideal place to put your bargaining skills to work. Explore your shopping skills at your best.

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