Review of the FitBit Luxe powerful smartband that operates autonomously for up to 10 consecutive days

The most recent launch of FitBit is already available in our country and here we tell you everything it includes.

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What can you expect from this highly anticipated product? Here we tell you. Photo: La República / Alexa Pinedo

FitBit Luxe is the latest smartband launched by the company and has already arrived in our country. The brand promises five consecutive days of autonomous battery lifevital sign tracking, sleep cycle recording, as well as stress management, details of your movements in real-time, and a report of your general health status through a link with the mobile app.

First of all, it should be noted that the FitBit Luxe has been described as the most elegant model of the company so far. Its compact design allows it to be attached to any look or any outfit, and it does not attract attention.

It comes in three colors: ivory whiteblack, and orchid pink. Each one will come with two more options, one of which is a replacement of the same material and color, while the second option is a stainless steel chain whose color depends on your order.

Fitbit 2
On The Left, The Fitbit Luxe With The Ivory Bracelet. On The Left, With The Gold Stainless Steel Strap. Photo: La República / Alexa Pinedo

The main display is encased in a stainless steel case with a slim profile of AMOLED type and vivid colors.

Also, in the package, you will find a magnetic black charger that connects to the back of the smartwatch screen. It should be noted that you will have to use the head of your own charger since the product only offers the cable, not the plug connector.

Currently, several stores already offer the FitBit Luxe through their website at S / 649 in its three varieties.

In this review, we’ll tell you how the product performed after the writer of this note has used the device for two weeks.

Fitbit 3
These Are The Contents Of The Package: The Device, Charger, Two Replacement Wristbands And Instructions. Photo: La República / Alexa Pinedo

What are the advantages of the FitBit Luxe?


The battery of this smartband is the first thing that catches your eye. Although the company ensures that it lasts a total of five days, the truth is that you can use it for up to 10 days without having to recharge it. It is on the eleventh day that you will need to use the magnetic charger that is included in the box.

This allows you to carry out your daily activities without much interruption and, at the same time, enjoy all the FitBit Lux services, both from the smart bracelet and its mobile application.


This watch does not have any buttons. All functions are handled through the screen, which measures 0.76 inches, which positions it as one of the smallest in its category. Besides that, the luminosity and vivacity of the colors, both indoors and outdoors, is more than satisfactory.

The touch ecran responds very well to gestures and commands. The design and positioning of each of the tools (notifications, activities, monitoring) is clear, clean and give the impression of not needing more space.

Additionally, the device allows you to manage most of the day-to-day notifications: messages, calls, emails, and even WhatsApp chats.

Fitbit 4
The Magnetic Charger Sits On The Back Of The Screen And Can Be Connected To The Charger Or To Your Computer. Photo: La República / Alexa Pinedo

Mobile app

The FitBit by itself is a very useful device, but it is through its application for Android and iPhone that the quality really shows. If you purchase one of these smartbands, you will have six months of Premium access to the tools of this program for smartphones.

Once you have completed the configuration and the link of the device with your cell phone, you can enjoy options such as ‘sleep tracking’, or detailed monitoring of your heart rate and, therefore, your stress level throughout your daily routine.

It is on this platform where, in addition, you will be able to observe the physical activity you do during the week, set goals, break personal records or even compete with other friends who have the FitBit Luxe.

What are the points against the FitBit Luxe?

Link the watch with the smartphone

The time it takes for your FitBit Luxe to link via Bluetooth to your smart device is, on average, three to four hours. During that time, the cell phone will have to stay close to the smartwatch. If you plan to carry out this process as soon as you get the product, we recommend waiting for it to be fully charged, which also takes about two hours.

Constant Bluetooth

A negative aspect of this smartwatch, and any other device that monitors your activity through an app, is that you will need to keep your Bluetooth connection constantly activated. If you turn it off and the FitBit Luxe disconnects from your smartphone, you will have an empty period in the report of your physical status. However, having it on all the time is a significant drain on the battery, in addition to having to keep it close to your cell phone.


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