Don’t buy AirPods at Apple, buy them at Amazon because they are cheaper

AirPods 3 vs Pro Buyers Guide Feature 2
AirPods 3 vs Pro Buyers Guide Feature 2

Apple AirPods are available at a huge price cut on Amazon.

Apple’s AirPods are the best wireless headphones on the market , and with a big difference. We recently analyzed a comparison between AirPods Pro 2 and Nothing Ear (2) , with one of the few bets that could stand up to Apple headphones and the AirPods Pro 2 came out much better. Now, its price is too expensive…

Apple sells its AirPods 2 in its official stores for about 160 euros but on Amazon it is available for only 100 euros at a considerable discount. Our recommendation is that you do not buy Apple’s wireless headphones on its website, but do it on Amazon because they will be much better for you . And not just in the case of AirPods 2, but with all AirPods models.

In the case of AirPods 3, for example, its price is 209 euros but this offer with a 31% discount leaves its price at 185 euros . It’s not bad at all.


All Apple AirPods models have a beastly discount on Amazon

Perhaps you do not want to buy one of the first two generations of AirPods because they do not have the most advanced technologies on the market and decide to opt for AirPods Pro . Well, in this case you will also have a very tempting discount on Amazon.

AirPods Pro 2 have a number of features that are not available on AirPods 2 or AirPods 3 such as active noise cancellation , adaptive transparency mode , ambient sound mode or spatial audio , among others.

While they are available on the Apple website for 299 euros , you can buy them on Amazon for 275 euros . It is worth saving a few euros when the product is exactly the same. Don’t you think?


Regardless of the AirPods model you plan to buy, they are the best option on the market and have dominated sales in the sector for many years. A more than guaranteed recommendation.

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