Any idea why some headphones have 2 and other 3 stripes on their connectors?

Planning on buying new headphones? We recommend that you review this valuable information before you pay for them. 

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The most common hearing aids are those with two or three stripes on their connectors. Photo: LR composition

The audifonos traditional cable, ie those that connect to the jack port 3.5 mm from your smartphone, laptop, or another device, usually have 2 or 3 stripes on its connector. Although they are quite tiny, the truth is that these lines are very important for users, they even have a meaning that you should know before you try to buy a new headset. Do you want to know its usefulness? Here we are going to explain all the details.

According to Triplezona, a specialized technology portal, these stripes that you see on the headphone connector serve to separate the electrical plates that send or receive information in the form of electricity. Although there may be three, two, or one, only the two are predominant, as the last one is disappearing. What is its meaning? We will tell you.

1. If you have three lines

If the connector of your headphones has three stripes, that means they are stereo headphones with a microphone. The lines divide the connector into four electrical plates: Right Out, Left Out, Microphone In, and Ground.

2. If you have two lines

Unlike the previous ones, these do not have a microphone, but they are stereo headphones. Having only two stripes, they separate the connector into three parts: right outlet, left outlet, and ground.

3. If you have a streak

They are not stereo headphones, but mono. The line divides the connector into two electrical plates: audio and ground.

Headphone Adapters

Some computers, especially older ones, have two jack ports (one for a microphone and one for a headphone). In these cases, it is advisable to buy an adapter that joins both ports in one.

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