Why there are couples who argue a lot and stay together


Yes, there are couples who argue a lot, but nevertheless, they are still together. This may be due to many reasons, such as wanting to get ahead both. That’s where the key is!

The fights in a relationship are usually something routine and that many couples happen in their day to day, and if in some cases they are left indoors, in others they become participants who surround them.

We are very struck by the fact that there are couples who argue a lot but despite this, they continue together. For what is this? How do they maintain a relationship based on constant dispute? In this article we tell you.

Why do couples argue?
This is the first question we must answer before we understand that there are couples who argue a lot, but who also remain together. Although there are no two equal relationships and the themes generating fights can be diverse , the main reasons are:

1. Money
No matter how much you have or how much is spent, the money will always be responsible for many fights in a relationship . The conflict for financial reasons can be based on the priorities of each one.

In addition, economic problems can generate stress and sensitivities that increase discussions. Therefore, it is best to assume that in a relationship you must be generous and learn to share with your partner.

2. Jealousy
Jealous people can create an unpleasant situation at any time or place, no matter who is next. This reason for fighting is very common and should not be so, since jealousy supposes control towards the other person.

It is difficult to assume that our partner can become possessive, but we must be aware of one thing: no one should control us or be jealous about approaching other people or discovering new social environments.

If in a couple, jealousy is the main reason for discussion, you should rethink to continue with that person because it can affect you psychologically and can be dangerous for you. Either you try to overcome this problem, or it is best to break the relationship because jealousy is not healthy.

3 sons
The upbringing, care, education, feeding and the future of the children also lead to discussion. And even if they still do not have them!

If you have children, you will surely understand that there are times when there is no clear decision about a specific thing and this leads to some dispute.

The most important thing is that your partner and you, function as a team when raising a child.

4. Future
The plans as a couple, either next weekend or for two years can lead to discussions . Holidays, weddings or removals are hot topics in many relationships.

But to end the fights on this issue, our advice is that if you are planning a trip, try to enjoy the whole planning process and see it as fun.

In the event that thinking about the future goes beyond a simple holiday, take it easy, as the most important thing is the present, what you are living in today.

And making decisions about the future is something that will come.

5. Domestic tasks
Until a few decades ago, women were responsible for doing everything in the house. This fact is still happening but fortunately, more and more couples are doing the same domestic tasks or work is divided. In this way, we are moving forward to end the gender roles imposed on women.

Now that this seems to have changed, there are times when household chores are a conflict when in fact, the best thing is that (as we have said before) you work as a team and you can make cleaning fun.

Discussing with the couple can be beneficial
As people we face unpleasant situations all the time and in moments of uncertainty, frustration , anger or fear, it is when the discussions appear. In the specific case of couple relationships, fights are triggered when we believe that the course is lost.

This means that conflicts serve to keep things from getting worse . Yes, this is how you read it. While we seek that the relationship does not fail, it is when we fight the most. With discussions you avoid losing control of the situation.

They also appear when we have to face the unknown, something new or different from what we are already used to. Couples argue to feel that they are in control and that they are not helpless in the face of threats.

However, we must be very careful to discuss ‘by sport’ or that the interdicts increase in intensity and frequency, because this can seriously damage the relationship and become dangerous.

Actually, it ‘s okay not to agree on all the things with your partner and that you can disagree on some occasions, but as long as the arguments do not become constant and neither of you wants to dominate the other or even feel the desire to attack the other person verbally or physically.

The best discussions are those that are made with respect and with the aim of reaching a common decision, without malice and without any other type of motivation than to agree with your partner on a specific topic.


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