Tips To Improve The Relationships Of Mothers And Daughters

Tips To Improve The Relationships Of Mothers And Daughters

The relationships of mothers and daughters are complex and define, perhaps like no other, what a person will be in their adult life. The relationship of mother and daughter, marks both one and another and although mothers have a special bond with all their children, when it is a girl that bond is special.

That’s why I share with you some tips that will help you improve the relationship between mother and daughter.

– Communication: No matter how good or bad the relationships are, it is always important to talk and know what your daughter thinks. You know that during childhood and adolescence they go through many changes and it is important to support them.

– Be realistic: You can not be perfect or solve everything. Your daughter will accept and understand your mistakes because she notices your effort, now you must accept them and not feel guilty for them.

– Do not compete: It is always said that girls are the spouses of parents. It is not a competition, neither by your partner nor by your daughter, each one has its space and moments.

– Respect their individuality and space: We always want our children to be our reflection, but each person is different and this applies to your daughter.

– Keep calm: In a discussion it is important to remain calm and negotiate. Another common mistake is to involve parents or siblings.


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