You fell in love? Here you have 5 Tips to have a Better Relationship

love paragraphs for her
love paragraphs for her

Falling in love is beautiful, you see in the other person someone who complements you, accompanies you and loves you. However, a relationship that is considered serious and Christian should seek to transcend emotions.

A holy relationship, one given to God, must take into account some aspects to be able to live it freely, fully and happily. Here we share 5 tips:

Internal work, self-love, is necessary before starting a relationship and during. One must not forget his peace and happiness by being with another person. Beyond the joy that this person can give you, it will never replace the happiness that you live with God.

Be patient:
Nobody presses them, no one forces them to start a love relationship as soon as possible. Everything has its moment and its place. Be a friend of this person first, go slow, be patient about your shortcomings. See if yours is only emotional or something more serious.

Pray for the couple:
If you are a special person, regardless of whether you decided to have a relationship with her or not, ask her for the best in this life: God. Pray for your health, your happiness, so that you have a healthy relationship with Him. But above all, for your salvation, conversion and inner peace. Knowing that God, and not you, is their source of security and sense, helps a lot to have an orderly and holy relationship.

Know it:
Take your time to get to know him, ask him questions about his life, family, interests. But above all, about their values, their perspectives of what you consider essential in your life: religion, family, friendships, work, etc. You do not have to be two equal people, but the differences between you should not be irreconcilable. You will not stop being you for the other person, nor the other for you.

Ask for advice:
No, it is not basing your relationship on the opinion of others. In the end, the relationship is the responsibility of the couple and of God. However, there are many people who have experienced situations similar to those that you possibly spend (he). Listening to them, being humble and discerning with help is not bad. Even seeking advice from couples who consider themselves faithful to the Church helps oxygenate and see more objectively the problem that could be happening.

What do you think?

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