Each predator has its own reasons and goals. But so that there is no next poacher in her head, she must understand that a man can have his own ideas about the values ​​of the family structure.

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Man is a predator. And not only from a biological point of view. Predatory tendencies are also manifested in the desire to conquer what initially does not belong to him. And also a thief. Because getting something from under your nose is a sacred thing. It is not only men who are engaged in spousal poaching, women are just as sinful. Moreover, the young ladies are much more sophisticated in the forbidden hunt. Every second lady thought about the question “how to seduce a married man”. And every third goes hunting.


Before seducing a married man for sex, a lady must clearly define the boundaries of what is permissible. If you only want pranks from a man, then you should not allow violations of emotional boundaries. Sports interest and love-carrots are incompatible. So you need to be confident, first of all, in your emotional stability.

There are no special techniques in seducing a married person for sex. Enough sweet coquetry, frank flirting, unambiguous hints. Moreover, it is not necessary to behave like a “Turgenev young lady”. In this case, “mimicry” is useless. Men easily succumb to the provocation of harsh seduction. Of course, if their moral stability is not particularly iron.

The funny thing is that many are frightened by such an outright pressure, and while they are in prostration, they can be taken lukewarm. Sometimes men openly blunt and blink in confusion. They don’t really understand what they want from them. In this case, you just need to directly and frankly tell him about it. Men love frankness and quickly give up their boundaries when presented with a fact.


There is a category of men who live according to the concepts of the institution of marriage. They are not a standard of fidelity, and do not go “to the left” just because it is not accepted. They have their own attitude to marriage: married – live with your wife. Love in such a marriage may not be – they just feel good and comfortable in such a relationship. They may have a full-fledged family, but they secretly, and sometimes frankly, depending on the character of the wife, glance at other women.

At the same time, they wave the flag of loyalty in all directions. It’s easy to seduce such a person, but a combination of several factors is important here. First, such a kukusik must be in a long-term relationship. That is, before marriage, he must be with this woman for a very long period. Secondly, such a man must have such a character trait as constancy.

Thirdly, his wife must stop responding to the generally accepted canons of femininity. This refers to a floating figure, “swagger” in character, conciliation and some degree of indifference. Of course, starting the hunt for such a comrade you may not know all this, but in the process of seduction, all these factors will emerge, and then it will be much easier.

Seducing such a man, you need to apply the following techniques:

  • Friendship. You have to work hard to get into trust. Without frank heart-to-heart conversations, further tactics depend on them.
  • Delicious. As a rule, such men live in families where the children’s menu or the laws of proper nutrition dominate. Celery and steamed cutlets are already boring and the soul requires a delicious, homemade cake. A couple of bowls with cherished delicacies, and half the job is done.
  • Comfort and safety. Such men value their reputation very much. To seduce such a specimen will have to work hard in securing the rear.
  • Appearance and activity. Well, it’s all right here. No one will go hunting without makeup, and “amoebas”, as a rule, do not participate in such games. So adrenaline will be provided to him in full.


The best time to start active activities is some kind of holiday. For example, a birthday. He is invited, slightly soldered, and then it’s a matter of technology.

What can you count on with such a “Gavrik”? Exclusively for hot sex. It is unlikely that he will start active actions. Such men do not destroy their families for the sake of a mistress. They will not leave their comfort zone. The maximum they can agree to: intimacy, comfort, lunch. Since they are permanent, their relationship on the side can last for years.

Moreover, the mistress will be the same. They will madly love this woman, lust for her, dream of living with her. And conversations on this topic will be sincere, but, unfortunately, everything will remain the same. You can try to take him away from the family with the help of an imaginary rival, but the same is doubtful. It is highly likely that he will eat out the brain with a teaspoon of his jealousy, but he is unlikely to decide to divorce.


How to seduce a married man by accident? Yes Easy. These men are still walkers. All their lives they will look into someone else’s stall. It’s easy to take this. The same techniques work with them as with idle ones: coquetry, flirting, hints, pressure. Moreover, the more play and fun, the better. In general, lightness and ease are two components of a successful hunt. The only thing to consider is the lack of strength of such a relationship.

Such men will never cherish a mistress. They just don’t need her in FIG: there are already a lot of those around who agree to have sex without obligation. Count on the fact that he will leave the family … well, except that his wife will burn his “partying” and put his suitcases out of the door, but he will not divorce voluntarily. And even then, most likely, after the divorce, do not shine anything to the hunter. This “rabbit” will “whore” all his life.


What if a pathologically correct specimen is caught? In theory, nothing. To encroach on such a “swan” in human form is blasphemy. But, if it’s really so itchy, then painstaking work will be required, which will take a very long time. It will be necessary not only to get into trust. It is important to become a shadow of such a person. He must get used to the fact that next to him is a kind of “Decembrist”.


This is the only way to lull his vigilance. You need to act carefully. This man should not suspect anything. If you flirt, then undercover. If you flirt, then it is very subtle. In general, very few can seduce such a specimen. But, if this happens, and he really falls in love, then 99.9% of what he will leave the family. His pathological honesty will not allow his wife to be “brainwashed”.


seducing a married man will require an impressive arsenal.

  • Appearance. She must be extraordinary. Just being nice isn’t enough. A married man has a nice wife too. You have to be stunning. Makeup is as natural as possible. No extended eyelashes and pumped lips. The most that can be artificial is a manicure. And even then only because men do not understand well in this matter. Everything should be natural.
  • Clothing. Men who already have a stamp in their passports are usually quite self-sufficient. And you can’t buy them with a skirt over the ears and a transparent blouse. Such men prefer calm classics. You can appear in front of them in jeans and a T-shirt, but only when the situation allows, for example, a picnic. In all other cases, only business style. There shouldn’t be any vulgarity.


  • Extraordinary mind. We’ll have to shine in many areas. Before you seduce a married man, you need to know almost everything about him. And only after that, study the topics close to him, in order to strike on the spot with his knowledge in the field of tank building, for example.

Armed with such a weapon, you can go hunting.


Love is evil – you will love a married one. Everything in life happens, and no matter how “the clucks cluck”, having the coveted stamp, each of them is under the threat of her husband’s betrayal. But it’s not about them.

In order to seduce a married person, you need a clear plan of action:

  • Get into trust. Men are prone to the notorious friendship with a woman. As one famous character said, “friendship between a man and a woman is possible, but only if they are former or future lovers.” And there is. In this case, friendship precedes love relationships. Developing this friendship is a difficult task. For example, trust will only appear after the hunter herself tells a heartbreaking story over coffee and asks for advice. Men, even impossible brutals, are very gentle and sympathetic creatures. They will not just get into the situation, but will be able to give practical advice. And if at the same time they themselves go to revelations, then “it’s in the bag.”
  • Comprehensive development. It’s easier here. You need to find out the interests of the victim. Based on this, study the necessary topics. You will have to work hard for more than one day, but the game is worth it. If the girl is on the same wavelength with the object, then he has already half given up.
  • Appearance. Always brand new. But you will have to forget about perfume. Married men are very scrupulous in this matter, because there is a “shepherd” at home, which “Chanel No. 5” smells a mile away. So just a light scent of body lotion and nothing else. Yes, even if the wife has a runny nose, men still do not really like women’s perfume, so, in secret. Make-up is obligatory: a “matryoshka” without a shadow of cosmetics sits at his house, cooks borscht. And he, like any man, is not alien to the concept of aesthetics. One “but”: make-up should be calm. No blue eyeshadow or glitter. Men prefer tenderness over vulgarity. And red lips should have a place and a time.
  • Behavior model. Flirt! You can’t do without it. Not everyone knows how to flirt correctly. Flirting should be subtle, subtly veiled. It should be read in the slightest movements of the body, eyes, lips. For example, the movements are smooth and imposing, like Bagheera after a hearty dinner, when walking, soft swaying of the hips, playing with a lock of hair or a pendant. A smile should not be in all 32 teeth, it is enough to grin, but calmly, without a shadow of superiority or feigned condescension. It is important to play with your gaze: the eyelashes are half-down, the gaze is slightly embarrassed or, on the contrary, playful. She looked and averted her eyes, looked and averted. In general, the game of “glances” works well. Voice: low, chesty, with a slight hoarseness. No squeals or childish intonations. Even if nature rewarded with a high timbre, it means to muffle it as much as possible, speak quietly and measuredly, but don’t chew speech. If a conversation has begun, then you need to look at the man directly, eye to eye.



In the workplace, there are two categories of men who can be seduced: a boss and a colleague. Aerobatics is a boss. A common option is a colleague.

With an ordinary employee, everything is simple: lunch, coffee, casual communication, and all the other techniques that are described above. The only place where you have to “hold your horses” is emotions. Here they need to be carefully masked, because gossip and rumors are completely useless.

The task “how to seduce a married boss” is more difficult. First, you will have to give all the best. Accurate fulfillment of all instructions, outstanding abilities, clear mind and quick wit, readiness to work at any time of the day or night, professional dedication. And even if seduction does not work, then you can definitely get a promotion.


Everything should be carefully calculated. Leaders rarely go for stupidity and fleeting connections. They value their reputation too much, and their place, and their marriage, on the presence of which a lot depends.

Therefore, in pursuit of the boss, there is a risk not only to become an object of gossip, but also to fly out of work. This is possible if you behave impudently, defiantly, vulgarly.


When a married man decides to commit adultery, the question arises: “what does he, the bitch, lack?” The house has been tidied up, the borscht is on the stove, the children are busy, the wife is a clever beauty ?! ” Yes, everything is very simple – he lacks drive, adrenaline. He stopped feeling like a man. He is anyone: husband, father, breadwinner, but the spirit of the conqueror died quietly among the swaddling clothes and staples.

The wife has calmed down, sits on the pope evenly, allows her pope to grow. And by all means it shows that no one is going anywhere. In general, she actively “builds a nest” and forgot to think that her husband could become an object of hunting. These are the specimens that come across in the network of skilled hunters.


The topic “How to seduce a married man” is actually very poignant. Married men are like an open book. With him, everything is already clear: he is reliable, he is self-sufficient, he is damn attractive. But before you study the laws of seducing married people, it would be nice to think about the consequences. Oftentimes, reality and expectation do not match, and the frustration can be harsh. So before you seduce a married man, you need to think hard “is it worth the candle.”

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Written by Geekybar

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

For over 7 years in journalism. Half of them are as editor. My weakness is doing mini-investigations on new topics.


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