Relationships between men and women are still mostly based on instincts. But at the same time, there is a reasonable part in them. If we talk about why they are attracted to a man and what qualities a woman value in them, then the unconscious merges with the subconscious and is seasoned with the social. In a word, it turns out a real explosive mixture, but nevertheless, the representatives of the stronger sex certainly need to know about what masculine qualities women appreciate, because their popularity directly depends on this.


Not only men love eyes, women also want to be surrounded by beauty. They just pay attention to the wrong parameters. They are certainly not interested in the size of the male breast … But they are interested in the physical form – and here we can safely talk about the subconscious, which actively sends signals to the woman – there is such a strong fit male, this one was definitely created to protect his family from all sorts of dangers.

The fact that such dangers in the modern world, perhaps, will not even be found, does not bother the subconscious in the least – it is not for that.

In addition, there is an objective factor in this – if a man does not have excess weight, then he is healthy, and his heredity, most likely, is not bad, and this is already a groundwork for a possible child.

A man, on the other hand, in order to keep himself in shape, does not need so much – it is enough to give up fatty foods and go to the gym regularly (three times a week). It seems not so difficult, but the result will definitely amaze the beautiful half of humanity.

The second thing that women do not pay attention to, if we talk specifically about appearance, is grooming. You don’t have to be a metrosexual, but neat and clean clothes and pleasant, unobtrusive perfume have never hurt anyone. Naturally, nails should always be trimmed, no hairs in the ears or nose, the mouth smells good, and the hair is clean.

Finally, a man should have a sense of style, that is, his clothes should be appropriate for the situation – no one comes to the wedding in a T-shirt with the Simpsons, but at the same time, a suit and tie will be inappropriate for friendly gatherings.


Because the best clothes and the tightest body will not attract female attention if this is just a screen for an insecure man. Here instincts also work, because in nature the most self-confident male is the leader. So women are drawn to such a leader.

If everything is initially bad with self-confidence, it must be developed, even if it takes a tidal amount of time. The search and solution of one problem after another will gradually lead to the desired result, and the representative of the stronger sex will become the very leader of the pack, whom absolutely any woman will want to see as her gentleman.

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Further, an equally important quality is loyalty, no matter how many men talk about polygamy to their partners, they do not want to let them go for a walk with their mistress. Moreover, no decent girl will definitely look at a man about whom there is a notoriety as a womanizer.

What is the secret of the attractiveness of men and what qualities do women value in the opposite sex? Purposefulness is very important, because between it and success you can safely put an equal sign, and every woman definitely wants the man next to her to be successful. A representative of the fair sex must be sure that her companion will not give up his business halfway through, such confidence greatly supports her faith in him – a faith that is essentially the basis of relations between a man and a woman. Therefore, it is very important to develop purposefulness in oneself, and for this “just something” you need to set goals and do everything in order to achieve them.

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Many men think that women like these tough nuts, but in fact, ladies prefer kind partners. Therefore, they carefully look at how a person behaves in a conflict situation, how he reacts to a problem and what he does in order to solve it. The anger and aggressive attitude of the girls are rather frightening. But a kind man inspires confidence, she already sees him as the father of her future children. And since the appearance of children is preceded by an interesting and pleasant process, this, of course, only suits a man.

Well, and you definitely cannot do without optimism and a good sense of humor – a woman should feel that with such a man she is definitely not in danger of death from boredom and boredom (no one wants to die from such sad things, right?). But not everyone’s optimism, like other qualities, is natural, but it can also be developed by trying to see the positive sides in everything, not worrying about what has already passed, and tuning in only to the good when it comes to the future.

So, women like attractive, well-groomed and confident men with a good sense of humor and optimism. And good ones in addition.


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