What to do after having sex?

These habits will help you to take care of your sexual health

What to do after having sex
What to do after having sex

For many women there is nothing more comforting than resting in the arms of your partner after having sex , however, you must follow certain recommendations to care for the intimate area .

Go to the bathroom

1. Urinating after sex

It helps to avoid urinary tract infections because it allows to “rinse” the E. Coli bacteria that may have reached the urethra during sexual intercourse. Lauren Streicher, a prominent American obstetrician and gynecologist, explains that it is not necessary to go to the bathroom immediately after sexual intercourse, you can wait about 20 minutes.

For his part, Dr. Ja-Hong Kim of the University of California at Los Angeles notes that the closeness of the anus to the vagina is what makes women more prone to urinary tract infections. “When you have sex, penetration allows some of these bacteria to be closer to the urethra, which in women is shorter than in men, making it easy for bacteria to reach the bladder and even the kidneys, causing damage, pain, discomfort and inflammation, “explains Kim.

Also, they recommend that you should not have vaginal sex just after anal penetration.

2. Recapitulate what happened and tell it with your partner

If the sex was good, think about what you liked and tell your partner. “Now is the best time to talk about it, since you may feel uncomfortable touching the subject of nothing afterwards,” recommends psychologist and psychiatrist Dr. Kristen Carpenter.

However, if it was not the best meeting it is better to talk about it later. Another study published in the academic journal ‘Archives of Sexual Health’ points out that showing affection towards your partner after sex is linked to greater satisfaction, promoting a better relationship.

3. Take note of discomforts that are normal and those that are not

It may be normal to feel a little pain during or after sex. It may be due to lack of lubrication, muscle spasm or because your partner was a bit rough, says Streicher. However, if the discomfort becomes recurrent, consult with your doctor. It could be vaginismus (if it is vaginal pain) or other ailments (if it is another type of pain) such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, endometriosis or even gynecological cancers.

What you should never do:

– Do not use wet towels or any type of object; these are prone to accumulate microorganisms.

– Avoid bubble baths and after erotic games, if there were and used aromatic oils, completely eliminate it with water, to avoid possible infection.

– Clean your intimate area with a clean towel, do not use paper. Finally, use a clean inner break. Doing all this will allow you to have an intimate health after having great sex.

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