A Friendly Advice for wife ends with rape on a public road

The wife fought a passing adventure, which she started with the advice of a friend about starting to try new things in life, and making friends with men, until she got rid of the boredom of her marital life, and ended up being raped by a stranger whom she had not met before.

A friendly tip for wife ends with rape in a public road
A friendly tip for wife ends with rape in a public road

Today, through its issuance of “crime and transit”, was living a stable and safe life, spending her day caring for her children and her husband, and performing her homework with all commitment, but the danger came from a time Her emptiness, specifically from her only friend «M», who lives a different style of life, she loves to go out and stay up and spend times with her friends of the opposite sex.

Through Social Media

A friend had always told the committed housewife that she is losing a lot in her boring routine life, and there is no mistake in forming friendships with men, and that being married does not preclude some adventures, and Tossus remained for her until the wife agreed to add the first friend through social media, which is shared with her friend, who assured her that this man is totally different from her husband, as he is social, and has a sense of humor, and you will not feel any boredom in talking to him, but will escape from her daily routine.

She responded to her friend’s insistence in the end, adding the first friend amid a state of reservation at the beginning, reassuring herself that their relationship will be limited to the virtual relationship only, but a concession that led to another, and started without frantic thinking of the new relationship in a more dangerous way, so she exchanged pictures and numbers with him Phones through the social media program.,

Persuaded her to go out with him,

After two weeks of intense conversations, and successive messages over the phone, he persuaded her to go out with him, she took advantage of her husband’s absence from the house one evening and left to meet her boyfriend late at night, left her car in a remote position, and set out on a tour with his car, they spent some time, but in her worst nightmares, she could not imagine the shock she was waiting for when she got back to her car.

She got out of her boyfriend’s car, heading to her vehicle, but before she got into her car, I was surprised by a stranger who grabbed her from her arm and dragged her towards his car, they understood her boyfriend with her help, but the stranger attacked him strictly, and told him that he knew everything about their relationship, and would expose him if he did not leave the place at once And he leaves it to him, and the fact that he lacks resentment from the beginning, he left that person, affecting safety and avoiding problems.

A Friendly Advice for wife ends with rape on a public road

When she was alone with the stranger, he told her that he knows everything about her, and watched her go out of her car to meet her boyfriend, and monitor her return, assuring her that he knows everything about her family, but that he has a rivalry with her family members, and he will take revenge on them, close the door, and hit her severely she choose to resist, then assaulted her, but took her on a tour to buy alcoholic drinks, and then returned her residence, and there she informed her family about what happened, and informed the police that arrested the accused.

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