They arrest Hayden Panettiere’s boyfriend for beating her and her friends believe she is in “danger”

According to a source, the actress’s partner has isolated her from friends and family.

They Arrest Hayden Panettieres Boyfriend For Beating Her And Her Friends Believe She Is In Danger

Hayden Panettiere had the worst Valentine’s Day on February 14. What should be a day to celebrate, ended up being a total nightmare after her boyfriend, Brian Hickerson , punched him in the face; UsWeekly reported .

According to police documents obtained by the magazine, Hickerson, 30, was arrested in Wyoming for hitting the actress with “a clenched fist on the right side of the face” after an apparent fight between them.

TMZ added that the unfortunate event occurred around 2:30 in the morning. A call alerted officers of a dispute at home and upon arrival they found that Hayden’s face was red and swollen.

Also, according to the police record, Panettiere told authorities when they arrived that they were arguing when he pushed and hit her.

The media reported that the assailant was accused of domestic violence and interfering with the police because it seems he did not want to identify himself when he was arrested. He was released by paying a bail of $ 5,000.

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A source close to the young interpreter revealed exclusively to the publication that she fears that the relationship will have a “tragic” ending if it continues.

” Hayden is in danger with Brian ,” the informant said. “Add disability problems by drinking too much and it will have a tragic result if the relationship continues.”

The perpetrator had already been arrested in May last year for attacking the 30-year-old star but she “believed that Brian would never hit her again ” and did not “materialize as a witness against him in the case of Los Angeles.”

On that occasion, the charges were dropped and a judge gave a protection order to one’s mother against the man, with whom he has been dating since 2018.

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The anonymous also revealed that Hickerson has ” isolated Hayden from friends and family .”

“Don’t blame the victim. Sadly he fell in love with a man who hits women. He is violent but he can also be incredibly charming,” he said.

In addition, he said that “this is unlikely to be enough for Hayden to break it permanently.”

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