8 signs to realize that your partner does not love you anymore

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Engaging a strong love relationship is complex, especially in this era where everything seems to go too fast and there is almost no time to stop and think about what we want and how we feel about our ‘other half’.

Surely you have heard repeatedly that is important, regardless of the time you have as a couple, always keep lit the ‘flame’ of the relationship. Live romantic moments, share adventures, enjoy sexuality, or simply never forget those things that united them and made them begin to trace a path together.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It hurts, it’s true, but it can not be ignored. There are many couples in which that flame was extinguished long ago and continue together either by habit or simply for fear of hurting the other . However, there are always signs that could be an indication that things are going wrong or even that your partner just does not love you anymore.

These attitudes are practically universal, in the eyes of experts in these issues, and that is why it is vital that you are attentive or attentive to what is happening in front of you, if at any moment you begin to notice a certain distance or strange behaviors It is important because, first, it may be that that person simply has a problem that does not know how to deal with it or that rightly does not know how to end up with you .

For the psychotherapist Gabriela Flores , from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, it is always better to be alert and detect these symptoms, in order to be able to make a decision in time and thus avoid, in part, greater suffering. ” The worst thing is to avoid the truth, for fear of losing the couple, ” he said.

The specialist says there are several signs that could reveal that the person next to you no longer feels the same for you. Signs that also shares the psychologist specialist in relationships, Jeffrey Bernstein , according to what was published in a column of the specialized portal Psychology Today .

1.- Lack or bad disposition on your part
Are you always busy? Do not make plans with you or do not see you in your routine? Do not make efforts to see you? He’s probably looking for a way to escape from you.

2.- You are not interested in your projects, interests and less in your problems
If you have noticed that since a while this part stopped being interested in your things, it does not show concern for any problem that you have, and it ignores your goals and projects, it is because little by little it has been taking you out of your life.

For Bernstein, if at this point he does not return calls at important moments or communication does not flow as before, we must also pay attention. ” A person interested in you wants to build the relationship and communication is an important part of that, ” he said.

3.- Refuses or complicates when talking about the future
If you have a good time in relationship, it is likely that at some point they have been projected as a couple. However, if now you are interested in talking about the future and less about those plans that you once put together, it is a clear sign that you want to continue your journey without your company .

4.- Fight and get angry for everything
The discussions or fights are part of all relationships, however, the important thing is to identify when it is really worth discussing and learning from those confrontations. However, to discuss you need at least two people, so if this last time you have noticed that your partner is angry ‘for everything’, highlights your defects at all times, and blames you for how bad the relationship between them can be He is clearly looking for excuses to get out of the relationship without feeling so much guilt.

5.- He forgot the details or he just stopped being affectionate
This point is perhaps the most debatable, since not all people are romantic, retailers or even affectionate. Everyone has their way of living a relationship and showing affection for the person they want, however, regardless of their form, it is important to be careful if that has changed over time. Sometimes the routine passes the bill, so it could be something temporary . Concede it!

6.- Avoid inviting you to panoramas with your group of friends or family
If before you had no problems inviting yourself to certain meetings with your group of friends and gradually stopped doing so to the point of not getting involved in any of your plans with these, something happens. If you start to see them more than you or constantly demand that you give them space, since they do not look as often or share as much as they used to, it gives you to think.

Bernstein, meanwhile, said that if he or she no longer involves you in his life with others (friends and / or family) that reflects how little involved he is with you. If at any moment you stopped considering and this has been extended for several months “it is a sign that your relationship is not moving in the right direction “.

7.- If you stopped sharing your ‘inner world’ with you
We are all different when communicating. In that sense there are those who find it easier to talk about themselves and others take their time. However, if they have several months of relationship, or even years, and this person who used to tell you about his life stopped doing it, it is a sign that something is happening. For the psychologist it is clear: ” If you have stopped talking about yourself, this also means that you are not really interested in yourself. When a person shares about himself, he is inviting you to his world, because he sees in you that potential that you could become a part of him, but if he has never done it or stopped doing it, something is not right, “he said.

8.- The privacy is gone
Finally, and a point not less, is the issue of privacy. According to blogger Gei Moore , an important signal is when intimacy was important for one of the two. This is because beyond the periodicity with which they have sex, these meetings are important between two people who care about each other. That is why it is vital to keep the passion alive, despite how strenuous routine can be. If the other person has lost that interest or avoided you, it is a clear signal that something is wrong, so at least, tell them.

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