5 Tips That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Vision Of The Prolonged Use Of The Computer And Cell

5 Tips That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Vision Of The Prolonged Use Of The Computer And Cell
5 Tips That Will Help You Take Care Of Your Vision Of The Prolonged Use Of The Computer And Cell

The high business competitiveness, the consumer society and the use of social networks, have made technology and the digital world become more and more incorporated into our lives with the daily use of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers; demanding of our vision a greater time of exhibition on the screens of the same ones.

It is therefore that we must learn to live with technology, and in our hands is the responsibility to take control in the proper and measured use of the devices that we have around us.

Here we share some tips that you should keep in mind so that they can become a positive habit for you to take care of your eyes.

Tip 1: Install an application on your computer or smartphone
There are applications that help you to remember that you must make active pauses for the sight, in such a way that you avoid the so-called Visual Computer Syndrome or (SVI) , which presents with some symptoms such as: Ocular fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, of back and neck.

The program Eye Defender , is a simple tool that is installed on your computer compatible with Windows

The Eyedefender software is free, it is very easy to use and you can configure it in such a way that it notifies you when you must start the next break, by visualizing images, a small visual training, or in the form of a notification balloon at the bottom from the screen.

There is also the application for smartphones “Exercises for the eyes”, which allows you to perform an ocular training depending on the type of visual problem you have (Myopia, Hyperopia), in a practical, guided and fully programmable, assigning personalized reminders.

We invite you to try this free application that will allow you to keep your eyes relaxed and lubricated.

Note: Once you start the routine, you will have to perform between 4 to 5 different exercises depending on the training you have chosen; If you change the language of your cell phone from Spanish to English, you will see some interesting tips when you do the 5 exercise of looking far and near.

Tip 2: Write a reminder in a Post-it
Write in a Post-it the following words: FLASH, BREATHE, LOOK AWAY, LOOK UP AND LOOK DOWN, LOOK RIGHT AND LEFT. and place it in a place visible to you, this in order to remind you to pause your routine.

If your work allows it, get up from your place and look for a clear and quiet space where you can perform the exercises you wrote down in the note. Do these exercises every 15 minutes, if this is not possible, try to do it every 30 minutes.

Tip 3: Get a neck massage
Being for long periods and in the same position when looking at the computer screen or the cell phone, generates tension in the neck that can affect your vision over time.

Do a stretch and small massages around the neck to relieve tension, do not forget to breathe slowly and deeply while doing the stretch, this way you reduce the tension in the muscles and you recharge of energy and freshness to continue your work.

Tip 4: Decrease eye pressure with cold water
During the day and at the end of your day just before going to bed it is advisable to give your eyes a rest by using cold water cloths that will help you to reduce the tension accumulated by the use of the screens.

If in the day it is not possible to do so, try to use lubricating drops, which you can buy in an ophthalmological center or with your trusted doctor, in case you do not have them, you can also take a short break to go to the bathroom and spray directly to your eyes small drops of water from the tap. Be careful to have your hands clean before using this tip. This way your eyes will have a rest and they will be lubricated with a little extra help.

Tip 5: Keep your sleep cycle in control
The sleep cycle or also called circadian rhythm, through the hypothalamus has the function of giving orders to start, maintain and end the dream, marking the slots most likely to fall asleep.

Naturally and under normal conditions this cycle is activated with the lightness that our retina receives from outside, this is why at the end of the day the intensity of light decreases generating the feeling of drowsiness preparing us to go to bed. However, with the use and exposure of televisions, computers and cell phones, this cycle is interrupted when receiving the artificial light they generate.

It is therefore recommended to stop using at least 2 hours before going to bed using devices; if it is not possible and you need to spend more time in front of a screen it is advisable to install either an external filter on your computer or install applications that allow you to give opacity to the light they emit.

Twilight: It is an application for mobile devices, which is responsible for automatically detecting the time and location of your time zone, automatically adjusting the brightness of the screen by gradually applying a more opaque color filter that will allow you to control the levels of Melatonin- Hormone that regulates sleep, thus protecting the sleep cycle before going to bed.

Maintaining good eye health is very simple, dedicate yourself a space every day and commit yourself to make a change in your health.

To complement this information and learn more about the subject, I invite you to visit the Blog of Marina Montiel visual educator of the Bates method, and see the video you find below.

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