Have you started dating a girl? Make an effort to see each other no more than twice a week!

Why, according to the psychologist.

Man And Woman Kissing On Brown Sand During Night Time

It is easy to tell a couple of lovers apart from a couple who has been together for a long time: these are the same people who kiss on the escalator, causing constant annoyance among others; these are the same people who run towards each other, jumping; these are the same people who never want to part and walk by the hand everywhere.

When you’re in love, it seems like even a five-minute absence might do irreparable emotional damage. It turned out to be the opposite: constant communication can be harmful to your mood. The specialist advises lovers to visit one other no more than twice a week.

Scott Carroll is the specialist’s name. He is a doctor, the author of “Don’t Waste Your Time: How to Marry a Man Who Was Really Created for You,” and the subject of a recent Bravo TV relationship interview. Dr. Carroll noted in this interview that “it is very vital to keep to two appointments a week so that your feelings can emerge from your subconscious and take shape.”


We understand that if you are in love, these phrases may seem like “blablabla feelings blablabla arise blablabla subconsciousness.” “Two meetings a week?” is all you want to say in answer. “Are you kidding?!” “These deep sentiments from the subconscious are really significant, as they will help you better see the topic of your love and see any problems that may occur,” Dr. Carroll says. This is especially significant given the fact that love is known to be blind.


That is, if you are not concerned at the start of a relationship that your new girlfriend has a habit of running into a bus, shouting “Bomb!” and running out, this can subsequently produce chronic difficulties. In general, the purpose of two weekly meetings is to maintain a level head in such an impulsive matter as falling in love.

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