5 false myths about love that should be banished


The majority of problems that arise in romantic relationships tend always to have the same origin: frustration or constant dissatisfaction because we aspire to reach an ideal that does not exist or is very difficult to achieve. It is time to dismantle certain myths about love to make your relationship more realistic and healthy.

Living dissatisfied because our partner is not as we always imagine that it had to be can lead to failure and ruin any love relationship we want to have, being still together, not being able to live without one another, loving each other like the first day. there are specific ideas about how a “perfect” relationship should be banished because as much as we want, they can not be fulfilled, because the Real life is not like in movies, and because they can lead to breakups.

It is time to remove the blindfold and be more realistic when assessing the state of our relationship. Here are five myths that have distorted the idea of ​​what love should be and that we should banish forever.

1. “You are my half orange.”
Your partner is not the part that you lack, nor should it be. You must maintain your individuality to achieve an equal and balanced relationship and to continue to love yourself. Were you not a complete person before you met him? Remember that it is not essential to be next to someone to be fully happy …

2. “We have to love ourselves like the first day.”
Another myth that has done much damage to relationships. Consider yourself lucky if you and your partner are as much in love as after your first date, because time passes and it is normal for people to change. That your feelings vary after several years together is logical and you have to learn to live with it. The key is to adapt to new circumstances, reinvent themselves and look for original proposals to rekindle love, be it with 30, 40 or 50 years.

3. “I can not live without you.”
No no and no. Your life is only yours! You and you are responsible for your happiness, and you can not lose your independence by giving “your life” to another person. Also, if you release something like that, you run the risk of making your partner panic or feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility you have given him.

4. “We always have to be together”
We all like to spend as much time as possible with our partner but to a certain extent. You have to know the limit. Being always with your boy, besides not being necessary, can make you get tired fast, stop being yourself and lose contact with the outside. Do not give up your living space, your independence, and your time alone and with other people. Surely you know someone who lost friends by leaving them aside when finding a partner, right?

5. “We belong to each other”
Neither you are his, nor he belongs to you. Part of the idea that we are people and not objects. The concept of possession in a relationship can be very dangerous, as it can trigger excessive control, bad feelings, jealousy, even abuse.

Flee from harmful myths and be realistic for your relationship to work and be healthy. That way you’ll have more reasons to say “I love you” to your partner. And if you still do not have, you can try sites like Meetic. Take advantage of these coupons!

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Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 10 years.

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