3 Things That Couples Do Not Know How To Communicate

3 Things That Couples Do Not Know How To Communicate
3 Things That Couples Do Not Know How To Communicate

Undoubtedly, in a couple relationship it is not necessary for one party to know even the slightest thought or feeling of the other, however, there are some things that couples do not communicate enough and that, in general, they are usually difficult things or complicated to talk.

And precisely, the problem is that if these issues are avoided for a long time, they can become a real bomb that can even end the relationship. So that you do not fall into this error, here are 3 things that, in general, couples do not know how to communicate:

1 – Something that bothers you: there are many things that you may not like about your partner, but you can not argue for each of them, because the relationship would become unbearable. That means that you can learn to deal with small things, however, if it is something that you consider to be bad or selfish, then you must speak clearly with him or her.

For example, if your partner does not ask you what music you want to listen to and he gives you a song that he does not know you hate, but you listen to him and do not tell him anything. That little by little will become a habit and if they do not discuss it, what they will do is create resentment and problems between them.

2 – Money: most couples trust that they talk enough about money, but what they really do is argue about money issues, apologize for spending money, complain about not having money and make comments without a clear strategy behind as, for example: “we really have to start saving”.

However, a real communication about money should include talking about your future goals, making budgets, canceling debts and sharing responsibility for what is spent. That’s talking about money!

3 – Your needs: most of us expect our partner to read our mind and know what we want and, therefore, we get angry when they do not do what we need. Also, we do not discuss it and rather we hope that someday they will realize that, in some magical way. But it never happens.

You must say: “I want a hug because I’m depressed”, “I need you to tell me I’m beautiful, because I feel unattractive” or “You can stay with the children this afternoon, because I need to go out for a while alone”. It is a very powerful way to communicate your needs and the positive results will not take long to manifest, for the good of the relationship.

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