Zelensky’s Encouraging Speech Brings Back Hope For Ukraine This Christmas.

Ukrainian President remains unfazed with the Russian strike. Read on to find out about his speech.


As the people of Ukraine observed Christmas in the midst of a war, President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine exhorted the people of his country to continue in the face of threats from Russia.

A missile attack on a bustling market in the newly retaken Ukrainian city of Kherson resulted in at least ten deaths and 58 injuries on Saturday, the same day that celebrated the ten-month anniversary of the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The message was delivered on the same day.

Zelensky Ukraine War

In his video message to Ukrainians who celebrate Christmas in December, Zelenskyy told them,

“We endured at the beginning of the conflict – we braved attacks, threats, nuclear blackmail, terror, and missile strikes.”

Zelenskyy made these remarks in response to questions from audience members. The majority of Ukrainians adhere to an orthodox form of Christianity, and the holiday is often celebrated at the beginning of the month of January. According to what he said,

“We will withstand this cold because we know what we are fighting for.”

The video, which was shot outside late at night with only a few white lights and a Christmas tree in the background, lasted approximately nine minutes. Since October, unrelenting Russian missile and drone attacks have inflicted substantial damage to the power-generating system, which has resulted in major cities frequently being left without water and heat.

Even if it’s pitch black, we’ll still be able to find each other and give each other a bear embrace. “And if there is no heat, we shall embrace each other for a long time to warm one another,” declared the President of Ukraine at the time.

zelensky ukraine war

“Just like always, we will laugh and have a good time. One thing sets us apart, though: we won’t sit around and hope for a miracle because we’re the ones who are going to make it happen.”

Zelenskyy had published photographs of the incident in Kherson not long before he sent the bold letter. The photographs depicted streets that were littered with bodies, burned automobiles, and broken windows.

“It’s highly possible that social networks would flag these pictures as containing “sensitive content.” But this is not sensitive material – it is the everyday life of Ukraine and the people who live there,” he added.

Zelensky Ukraine War – ”Killing For Pleasure”

zelensky ukraine war

“These are not facilities used by the military… It is a form of terror, and it involves killing for the purpose of instilling fear and obtaining pleasure.”

In a post on Telegram, the regional governor, Yaroslav Yanushevych, reported that the attack on Kherson resulted in 10 fatalities and 55 injuries, with 18 people being hospitalised in critical condition.

Yuriy Sobolevskyi, the deputy chair of the regional council, said the missile landed near to a supermarket close to the city’s Freedom Square. Kyrylo Tymoshenko, an assistant to the Ukrainian president, stated that the strike originated from a grad multiple-rocket launcher.

Oleksandr Kudryashov, a local resident who is 43 years old, claims that one of the fatalities was a butcher by the name of Lesha who had worked at the market for a significant amount of time.

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