WhatsApp: confesses that he remembered the meme ‘Shut up old lesbian’ to vote in the referendum

Confesses that he remembered the meme Shut up old lesbian to vote in the referendum
Confesses that he remembered the meme Shut up old lesbian to vote in the referendum

A conversation on WhatsApp has gone viral after revealing that a young voter remembered the meme ‘Shut up old lesbian’ to know how they mark in the 2018 Referendum.


He forgot how he would mark on the card in the 2018 Referendum and miraculously remembered the meme ‘Cállese viejo lesbiano’ to cast his vote. The girl confessed the curious anecdote to her friend through a WhatsApp message and it was shared on Facebook.

In the WhatsApp chat where the young women talked about their election day, they shared on the networks, making more than one user laugh. One of them tells the other, “I went to vote and I forgot if it was ‘yes, yes, yes, no’ or ‘no, no, no, yes'”, receiving a singular response that made thousands of users laugh.

As you remember, more than a month ago a video where the meme ‘Dino’ of ‘Cállese viejo lesbiano’ used a catchy musical theme to suggest to Peruvian voters how they should mark in the 2018 Referendum began to circulate in social networks.

The clip became popular leaving a reminder message in the users. With the hashtag “#SISISINO” the dinosaur indicated the “correct” way to mark in the referendum. Apparently, the protagonist of the WhatsApp chat also heard the viral song.

According to the conversation on WhatsApp, the young woman was afraid that they had put a trick question on the card, so she generated doubts to check the boxes of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

The girl remembered the dance steps of the tyrannosaur – rex ‘Dino’ from the viral meme ‘Cállese viejo lesbiano’ to cast her vote as she had originally planned. The virtual chat soon became viral on social networks.

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