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What will happen to Iván De Pineda’s programe if he tests positive for Covid-19?

Following confirmation that he was infected, the Pasapalabra driver was required to adhere with strict isolation.

What will happen to Iván De Pineda's programe if he tests positive for Covid-19?

Iván De Pineda tested positive for Covid-19 while in full regrowth and with the danger of the Omicron variant. After exhibiting symptoms consistent with the virus, the Pasapalabra driver was examined on Wednesday 15 and found to be infected. The news soon circulated on social media, and fans of the show, which airs on Telefe Monday through Friday at 6:45 p.m. and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. and has famous participants, started to wonder what would happen to the cycle.

However, apart from the model’s health, the channel is at ease since, in conjunction with the production of the entertainment show, they have taped episodes to air until the end of the year, so this issue will not influence what is seen on TV. Iván will be able to spend the days of solitude with peace of mind and plenty of time to heal since he will not return to the study until 2022.

In addition to Pasapalabra, De Pineda led a fantastic small excursion in the Canal de las Pelotas this year and traded visits overseas for tours of Argentina’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Similarly, it has recently been revealed that the signal has planned an ambitious scheme for the upcoming soccer World Cup.

The driver will be in charge of Hola Qatar, a cycle in which he will explore the nation that will carry out the mega-event, showing the stadiums and places where the matches will be played and sharing local peculiarities. The project will consist of six episodes, which will begin filming in September.

Despite having worked in the media for many years, Iván has always chosen to maintain a low public profile and avoid exposing personal matters unrelated to his profession. Without going any further, he is one of the few well-known Argentines who does not use social media. “I’d have no idea what to present. It’s a little strange. While I usually like being well-informed and up to date on things, I enjoy this dynamic information thing, maybe social media… I didn’t locate my niche, or maybe what things to do on social networks, or how to participate, or from where. I believe that for the time being, I will choose other communication channels and modes of interaction, he remarked in an interview.

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