Chris Rock suffers from a mental disorder that made him react that way after the slap

The moment has been one of the most talked-about in the history of the Academy Awards.

Chris Rock suffers from a mental disorder that made him react that way after the slap
Chris Rock suffers from a mental disorder that made him react that way after the slap

If there is an image that has gone around the world and has divided people in recent weeks, it is that of Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock during the recent Oscar 2022 awards ceremony when people thought that everything was said, it turns out that the comedian has a particular explanation for his reaction.

The situation that was experienced live during the Oscars has given rise to talk in all areas, all kinds of comments have been made on the networks about it, from those who were strongly offended by Rock’s joke, to those who condemn the violent actions of Smiths, even those who believe that his wife, Jada Pinkett is the cause of all their problems.

The particular mental disorder that Chris Rock suffers and would be the cause of his particular reaction to Will Smith’s slap

The truth is that Will Smith’s actions did not come for free, the actor was attacked by millions on the networks and even some celebrities were very offended by his decision to use violence in a situation like that, leading him to resign from the academy and even to enter a rehabilitation clinic voluntarily.

One thing that left many scratching their heads was the reaction of the comedian, who went completely blank and seemed to not understand anything that was going on and not even know where he was standing, well, it seems that there is a scientific answer for this due to the mental disorder with which Chris Rock must carry.

The answer to all this is in some statements that Rock gave in 2020, where he explains that he suffers from a disorder that makes him not understand non-verbal communication, perhaps that is why we saw how he continued with the script as if nothing had happened. It would be a learning disorder, which has affected him throughout the several decades of his career.

According to the also actor, since he was very young, any type of communication that does not involve the use of words has been difficult for him because he is unable to interpret or understand any type of non-verbal sign or gesture, so he does not take the things literally or simply do not understand anything that happens.

Regarding this, he commented “By the way, all these things are great for writing jokes, but they are not great for personal relationships” making it clear that this has greatly affected his private life, but over time he has managed to handle it. The thing is, no one would have been prepared for what happened during the Oscars.

Chris Rock Opens Up About How His Mental Illness And Fame Haven’t Made Life Easy For Him

In addition to this, the actor took the opportunity to talk a little about how to survive in the world of entertainment and show business suffering from such a condition “I have always associated it with being famous. Every time someone responded to me in a negative way, I thought ‘it doesn’t matter”. But, according to the comedian, this has changed.

According to Rock, he thought that people reacted in a certain way, but he ended up realizing that he was the one who did not understand “he thought ‘it doesn’t matter, they are responding like this to something that has to do with who they think I am. Now I realize it was me.”

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