Via Facebook: man is chosen by lot to be a table member and tries to escape

Facebook: these are the best memes that the 2018 Referendum is leaving

A video has gone viral on Facebook after revealing the unexpected draw that a group of Peruvian police made to elect a board member. Although the young “winner” tried to flee the place, his companions gave him away.

I could not believe it. The protagonist of the viral on Facebook was a huge surprise to hear that his name had been chosen to be part of the table member in the voting for the Referendum. The young man tried to escape from the place, but the voters gave him away.

In Facebook, a funny video has generated laughter in the users when seeing the reaction that a Peruvian had after leaving chosen like third member of table for the Referendum. Given the delay of the members in charge of the electoral process, the police conducted a curious lottery.

This morning the Peruvians went to their polling station very early to be the first to fulfill their civic duty of the 2018 Referendum elections; however, some voters were surprised to be chosen as a table member, as happened to the protagonist of the viral video on Facebook.

This event occurred in the city of Tarapoto. The cameras of ‘Canal N’ recorded the moment when a group of policemen made a raffle where they used a bag to collect the DNI of the first people who were waiting to enter to vote

The raffle that has been described sarcastically as “lucky” is about ‘Pumaca Mozombite, Willer’, the man who tried to go unnoticed to hear that he would be part of the third table member that was missing in the school Maria Ulises in Tarapoto.

The users in the social network shared funny comments where they regretted what happened with Pumaca. “And what happened to the saying ‘God helps him early?'”, “For a little bit and they do not realize it”, “When luck does not go with you,” netizens wrote on Facebook.

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Facebook: these are the best memes that the 2018 Referendum is leaving