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Luisa Albinoni gave details of her relationship with Carlos Menem: “He was a real gentleman”

The actress told what it was like to be in a relationship with the former president and revealed the reason why they always argued

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Luisa Albinoni gave details of her relationship with Carlos Menem: "He was a real gentleman"

All the women who were with him defined him as “a great seducer.” However, despite the rumors that linked her romantically to him for decades, Luisa Albinoni always took it upon herself to say that Carlos Saúl Menem was her “friend”. Anyway, the reality is that the eyes of the current participant of Masterchef Celebrity 3 say more than her words. And, on a night where the slogan was to prepare Arabic food, the actress could not avoid Santiago del Moro’s questions about her relationship with El Turco.

“Che, among us, today’s food is from the Middle East and you had a boyfriend…” was the driver’s kick to start talking about the former Argentine president. “I had some rapprochement with an important man,” Luisa recognized then without looking up from her preparation.

But del Moro did not give up. “How did you get along with him?” She asked him then. “Divinely,” replied the actress, already poking her eyes above her glasses. Then, Santiago decided to name the person in question and pointed out: ” You were a couple at the time and you were a friend too…“. “Friend, yes. Above all a friend,” assured Albinoni.

At that point, the driver asked him to give details of some characteristics of the former president “as a man.” “He was a true gentleman, ” said the actress without hesitation. But then he clarified: “We argued a lot, we never agreed on politicsWe held on. He fixed it with the chocolates: he wanted to give them to me but he ate them when he couldn’t”.

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Carlos Menem With His Daughter Zulemita After Assuming His Second Term (Photo Na)

Menem had two legal wives. The first was Zulema Yoma, mother of Zulemita and Junior, whom he divorced in 1991. And the second was Cecilia Bolocco, with whom he was married between 2001 and 2011 and had their son Máximo. But he was also the father of Carlitos Nair, the result of his relationship with Martha Meza, whom he had met during an impasse during his first marriage and whom he only recognized in 2006.

The truth is that, between one marriage and another, the former president was related to various celebrities. The dinners organized by Moria Casán where Menem met the most beautiful women in show business were the talk of all the newsrooms. Many names circulated, but very few famous people admitted having had an affair with him. It was said about Mónica Guido that she entered the presidential residence as if it were her home and that she and Carlos referred to each other with the pseudonyms of “Arequito” and “Anillaco”, remembering their home cities, but nothing more. And they also acknowledged having participated in those gatherings Adriana Salgueiro, Noemí Alan, and Thelma Stefani, although only as guests.

Those who did openly confessed to having had an affair with Menem were Alejandrá Pradón and Graciela Alfano. The first spoke of a relationship that exceeded sex. “Being with Menem was fun,” he had said. The second, meanwhile, spoke of various meetings, some prior to the presidency, and highlighted how interesting it was to talk with him: “It was petite, but you saw it as a giant,” he said. And although she always described the relationship that united her to the Rioja as “a deep friendship,” no one ever doubted that there was much more than that between Albinoni and the former president.

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