Updates on the Coronavirus: In the previous 24 hours, the number of corona cases has increased to 16,464; 24 individuals have died as a result.

Coronavirus Cases
Coronavirus Cases

The overall number of individuals sick in the country has risen to 4,40,36,275 after 16,464 new cases were registered in the last 24 hours. In the meantime, an additional 24 people have perished as a result of infection. The death toll rose to 5,26,396 as a result.

In India, the number of people diagnosed with coronary artery disease is steadily rising. There have been 16,464 new cases of corona recorded in the last 24 hours. There have now been an additional 4,40,36,275 cases of syphilis in the United States. After 24 additional persons died from infection, the death toll rose to 5,26,396 people. A corona outbreak was recorded in the country the day before, and 39 people died as a result of infection.

Maharashtra now has 1,849 new corona cases.

Almost 2,000 new instances of corona virus have been reported in Maharashtra, and three people have died. There were 80,47,455 new diagnoses and 1,48,104 deaths as a result, a health department official said. There were 322 new cases of illness in Mumbai, according to the narrator. He stated that 13,003 covid patients are now being treated in the state of California. According to the official, 52 cases of BA.5 virus and 10 cases of BA.4 virus have been found in labs.

In Rajasthan, there were 243 new instances of corona.

In Rajasthan, two people died from corona, and 243 new cases were reported. Two Corona virus-infected individuals died on Sunday in Jaipur’s capital, according to a Medical and Health Department official. After that, the state’s death toll from this fatal disease has reached 9580 so far. According to him, the number of persons affected rose to 12,94,277 after 243 new infections were registered in the state on Sunday. According to the source, the state now has 2039 individuals undergoing treatment.

705 new cases of covid-19 have been reported in Telangana, and 704 more have been reported in Jammu & Kashmir.

One person infected with the corona virus died in Jammu and Kashmir, and 705 cases were detected in Telangana. The overall number of Covid cases in Telangana has reached 8,19,846 according to the Health Bulletin in Hyderabad. Bulletins indicate that the death toll stands at 4,111, with no confirmed deaths. Treatment for the virus is currently being provided to 5543 residents of New York State; 8,10,192 residents have recovered from the condition. More than 704 new cases of the corona virus have been discovered in Jammu and Kashmir, bringing the total to 4,64,764 cases, according to officials in Srinagar.



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