The Jaipur Royal Family claimed the Taj Mahal:Diya Kumari of the royal family said – we had a palace there, we had documents

The Jaipur Royal Family claimed the Taj MahalDiya Kumari of the royal family said we had a palace there we had documents

Amidst all the claims about the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, the Jaipur Royal Family has claimed that the Taj Mahal is their property. Diya Kumari, a member of the Royal Family and BJP MP, said that we had a palace at that place. It is a good thing that if someone has appealed to open the doors of the Taj Mahal, the truth will come out. We are also examining the matter now.

Diya Kumari has claimed that she has documents that show that earlier the Taj Mahal used to be the palace of the old royal family of Jaipur, which was captured by Shah Jahan. When Shah Jahan took that palace and land of the Jaipur family, the family could not oppose him, because it was then ruled by him.

Diya Kumari, who could not appeal at that time, said- ‘Even today, if a government acquires any land, it gives compensation in return for it. I have heard that he was compensated in return, but at that time there was no law to appeal against him or do anything against him. Now it is good that someone raised their voice and filed a petition in the court.

It is worth noting that even when the issue arose regarding the descendants of Ram during the Ayodhya temple, it was claimed by the Jaipur Royal Family that they are the descendants of Ram. For this, he is ready to testify in court as well.

Closed rooms should be opened, MP Diya Kumari said- ‘I will not say that the Taj Mahal should be demolished, but its rooms should be opened. Some rooms in the Taj Mahal are closed. Some parts are sealed there for a long time. It must be inquired and opened so that it can be known what was there and what was not. All those facts will be established only once he has a proper inquiry.

On the question of whether a petition will also be filed in the court on behalf of the former royal family of Jaipur, he said that we are looking into it now. We will examine what steps should be taken.

Present in the pothi-khana of the document trust
MP Diya Kumari, who is ready to give us, said- ‘If documents are needed, then there is also a pothi-khana in our trust of the former royal family of Jaipur. If the court orders, we will give him the documents. It is clear in the documents that we have that Shah Jahan liked the palace at that time and acquired it. Was there a temple there? On this question, Diya Kumari said that I have not seen all the documents yet, but that property belonged to our family.

What is the Taj Mahal Controversy
A petition has been filed by Ayodhya BJP leader Dr. Rajneesh Singh in the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court in UP regarding the Taj Mahal. In his petition, Dr. Singh has demanded a survey from the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) by opening the 22 rooms of the Taj Mahal, which have been closed for a long time. The petitioner says that the Taj Mahal may contain sculptures and inscriptions of Hindu gods and goddesses. If the survey is done, then it will be known whether there are Hindu idols and inscriptions in the Taj Mahal or not?

Shah Jahan had asked the Maharaja of Jaipur to forcibly sell the land.
In 2017, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has also made a similar statement. Swami had said- ‘We have reached the documents of the Taj Mahal. There is evidence that Shah Jahan forcibly asked the Raja-Maharajas of Jaipur to sell the land where the Taj Mahal was built. Shah Jahan had given them 40 villages as compensation, which was nothing compared to the cost of the land of the Taj Mahal.

What happened before the Taj Mahal?

  • In 1965, historian PN Oak claimed in his book that the Taj Mahal was a Shiva temple.
  • In 2015, a petition was filed in the Civil Court of Agra to declare the Taj Mahal as a Tejo-Mahalay temple.
  • In 2017, BJP MP Vinay Katiyar made a demand to UP CM Yogi Adityanath to declare the Taj Mahal as Tejo-Mahal.

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