IAS Pooja Singhal: UPSC Crack at the age of 21, career of 22 years, know the journey from Youngest IAS to Hotwar

Pooja Singhal’s first posting was in Hazaribagh as Sadar Sub-Divisional Officer. She became very popular due to her work here. He had a good tenure even during his posting in the education project. He also busted the gang of books given to children. But later the relationship got associated with controversies.

Ias Pooja Singhal Upsc Crack At The Age Of 21 Career Of 22 Years Know The Journey From Youngest Ias To Hotwar
IAS Pooja Singhal UPSC Crack at the age of 21 career of 22 years know the journey from Youngest IAS to Hotwar

IAS Pooja Singhal: Pooja Singhal, a 2000 batch officer of the Indian Administrative Service, passed the UPSC exam at the age of 21. After selection in UPSC, he got Jharkhand cadre. Originally from Dehradun, Pooja Singhal held many important positions in Jharkhand. In a career spanning 22 years, she has been posted in about 19 places. However, after posting in the districts, she kept getting embroiled in controversies

.Pooja Singhal’s first posting was in Hazaribagh, Jharkhand as Sadar Sub-Divisional Officer. She became very popular due to her work here. Even during his posting in the education project, his tenure was very good. He had also busted a gang of books given to children. It was under his leadership that for the first time the data of disabled people was collected in Jharkhand. His work as Director of Administration in RIMS was also commendable.

When Mrs. Singhal was posted as the Deputy Commissioner in the districts, she started getting involved in controversies. After posting to the post of District Deputy Commissioner in Khunti, a case of misappropriation of Rs 16 crore came to the fore in the MNREGA scheme. In this case, he was also accused of colluding with engineers. After this, his posting was done from there to Chatra.

During his posting in Chatra, he was accused of giving six crore rupees to an NGO against the rules. The matter was raised by MLA Vinod Singh in the House. The assembly committee had also conducted an inquiry. He was attacked by terrorists during his posting in Chatra itself. Due to this, he had to be admitted to the hospital.

Pooja Singhal got a promotion late

Smt. Singhal was posted as Special Secretary in the Agriculture Department. Due to the allegations leveled against him during his posting here, he could not get a promotion in a time-bound manner. Later, during his tenure as Deputy Commissioner, a departmental inquiry was conducted into the allegations against him. AP Singh, Secretary of, the Industries Department, was made the operating officer for the departmental inquiry. Mr. Singh had given a clean chit after the investigation.

After getting a clean chit, he was promoted and made the Secretary of the Agriculture Department. She remained in the Agriculture Department for about three years. After the fall of Raghuvar Das’s government, Abu Bakkar Siddikh was made the secretary in his place. At the same time, Singhal was posted in the Department of Sports, Art, Culture, and Tourism. From there he was again made the Secretary of Industries and Mines.

There was chaos in Civil Court and Judge Colony

After the arrest of Pooja Singhal, there was chaos in the Civil Court and Judge Colony for hours on the information of the arrest, Special Public Prosecutor of ED BMP Singh and Public Prosecutor Atish Kumar first reached the Civil Court, followed by media persons and around 6:30 pm of ED. The officials also reached the civil court. After the paperwork here, all the special judges went to the residential office of PK Sharma, there was a hearing and Pooja Singhal was sent to jail.

Roti and vegetables found in Hotwar jail

Pooja Singhal was sent to jail by the ED on Wednesday, according to jail sources, she was given roti, vegetables, lentils, and salad in the jail, after eating a little roti, Pooja Singhal said that there is no desire to eat now. She was very sad and silent. Pooja Singhal has been kept in the women’s cell.

The hustle and bustle outside the ED office throughout the day

On Wednesday, outside the Enforcement Directorate’s regional office in Ranchi, there was chaos throughout the day over the arrest of Secretary, Mines, and Industries Department, Pooja Singhal. On Wednesday, he was called for questioning on the second day as well. Pooja Singhal reached ED’s office at around 10:15 pm. There he was interrogated. After this, her husband Abhishek Jha was called in the afternoon, after which both were interrogated. At around 5:15 pm, information came that Pooja Singhal and her husband have been arrested. His medical was done in the ED office itself. After this, preparations were being made to take him to the Enforcement Directorate court. He was taken from the regional office to the court at around 7.35 pm.

Pooja Singhal was looking tired

From entering the ED office to exiting, Pooja Singhal looked lost and tired. She was accompanied by a woman. It was not told by the Enforcement Directorate which people have been sent to the court. The gate there was closed after 7:40 pm. On the other hand, apart from a large number of CRPF personnel and officers, district police personnel were deployed in his security.

People gathering outside the office

Here, there was a gathering of common people outside the ED office. People coming towards the airport were stopping to see the crowd. People were also watching the view on the roofs of nearby houses. After the day’s heat subsided, people started gathering again in the evening. People had gathered there till he left. An Innova car (JH-01BC-8001) was taken inside the office premises around 6 pm to take Pooja Singhal. The car stayed there for a long time. Later that car was replaced by a bigger car (JH-05BA 8174), from which they were taken.

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