Do you know the truth about Osmose Technology Pvt. Ltd.?


This is a bogus business. People are being defrauded by this firm. These businesses provide a little sum of money to their partner on day one. This partner is promoting this business via affiliate marketing.

When they send you a link through text message, they ask whether you’d want to join this firm. One of the primary reasons for joining this business was to earn commissions as an affiliate through the use of this link.

You’ll start with a 1200 Rupee investment and end up with a daily profit of 20 Rupees. You can only get money if you spread the word about their affiliate programme through your social media channels.

Not everyone will be able to register using your link.

I’m baffled as to why we Indians continue to be so naive after so many years of experience. In two months, you’ll get your $1200 back, and in another two months, you’ll get an extra $1200 back. Which equates to a 100% return on investment. If you’re a profitable bank, you can’t afford to pay more than 15% every year. “Money-circulation BS” is plain to see in this situation. Take cover. Be wary of companies that promise large returns on investment. Because of this, it’s impossible for a system like this to be stable and runs only upon the movement of money that other people have contributed. Atlast, the business, disbands and departs for the night… As if there were no one left to answer for you. Do not engage in such a shambles. Yes, there is no actual product as well. You’re wasting your time and money on a bogus app. Also, online buying is absurdly costly.


Even though you know it will close one day, don’t think you can just invest some money and go out, even if you know it will close one day. THINKING LIKE THIS ENSURES THAT SUCH ENTITIES WILL ARISE AND CONTINUOUSLY DEFRAUD PEOPLE. CITIZENS, ACCEPT YOUR DUTY TO RESPONSIBILITY.


Fake firm, Osmose Technology. Osmose Technology is getting ready to commit fraud in India.

A direct selling business cannot charge a fee for the sale of discount coupons or vouchers. Direct selling regulations prohibit this. The website for Osmose Technology is currently offline.

Tens of thousands of Indians rely on the firm, and they will lose their money. There are more than 100 crore rupees of individuals in the firm, which implies they are preventing people from withdrawing money from their accounts.

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