Delhi Rain: Trees broken, roof collapsed – roads blocked…

Delhi Rain: Rain has given relief to Delhi-NCR from the scorching heat. But the storm that came before that has created problems. There have been reports of falling trees and walls at many places.


Weather Today: The trend of weather has changed in the capital Delhi and NCR today. Along with the strong storm, the rain is also continuing due to which a lot of damage has been done. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has given a new update on rain. It has been told that the mood of the weather can remain like this throughout the day. Then tomorrow there will be less rain and wind but there is a possibility of intermittent rain.

The Meteorological Department (IMD) has told us that today’s rain is happening due to a western disturbance which will remain active till tomorrow. In such a situation, before leaving the house, you should prepare for the rain.

In Delhi-NCR, continuous rain continues since 4 am. Amidst the scorching heat, the mood of the weather has suddenly changed. It started with strong wind and thunderstorms, but then the torrential rain brought down the temperature. At this time the weather has become pleasant in Delhi-NCR but some problems have also arisen.

Trees fell due to rain-storm, waterlogged

Due to the rain and strong storm in Delhi-NCR since morning, the Delhi Fire Department has received more than 100 calls for the felling of trees. But no one was trapped anywhere and no one was injured.

Calls were received from three places to collapse the wall, in which 3 people were injured due to the wall collapse in the Moti Nagar area. The Fire Department says that we are fully alert and are attending calls continuously.

After the rain accompanied by strong winds in Delhi-NCR, the road was waterlogged in many parts of the city. Such pictures have also come out from Gurugram. Gurugram Traffic Police has told that there is a lot of waterlogging in Mayfield garden chowk.

In Delhi’s Mundka area, the wall of an under-construction house collapsed on the neighboring terrace due to a strong storm and storms. This broke the roof. The people present in the house narrowly survived.

For the last few days, the outbreak of scorching and scorching heat continued in the capital, but on Friday and Saturday evening, where there was a dust storm in many areas of the capital, there was drizzle in some areas. At the same time, after 4:30 am on Monday, there was a sudden big change in the weather, and in most areas of West Delhi, strong winds started blowing and on sight, and it started raining.

It has been informed by the Meteorological Department that for a few hours now, similar rains are going to continue in Delhi-NCR. Winds are also going to blow at a speed of 60-90 Km/h. Its effect will be more visible in Ghaziabad, Indirapuram, Noida, and Gurugram. In some places, this change of weather has also become a cause of trouble. Trees have been uprooted in many areas amid strong winds and dangerous storms. The Meteorological Department has also given this information that visibility has reduced in some places due to thunderstorms.

Delhi Airport has also said in a statement that flights have been affected due to bad weather. Passengers have been asked to contact all airlines. Although the mood of the weather has changed in Delhi-NCR, in Bihar, Assam, Kerala, and Karnataka, many days ago there was heavy rain. There has been flooding in Assam, lightning has killed many people in Bihar and a situation of heavy water logging has arisen in Karnataka.

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Weather Report: Heavy rain with strong wind in Delhi-NCR, uprooted trees at many places; Know- Where will it rain today?

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