Google Maps: now you will be able to know the status of traffic lights, traffic signals

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Google Maps Now You Will Be Able To Know The Status Of Traffic Lights  Traffic Signals
Google Maps now you will be able to know the status of traffic lights traffic signals

Google Maps has become the salvation of many drivers today and this due to its great help system, becoming perhaps the most complete application that Google has and possibly the favorite of all users.

When some might think that Google Maps does not need anything else to continue being the number one technological map in the world, the American company surprises again by incorporating new functions into the application.

Price of tolls, state of traffic lights, and traffic signals in a guided route

One of the latest innovations that Google Maps has brought is that it now allows users to know how much they will spend on tolls when traveling. It will be possible to know the cost of an established highway and even the final price of everything. In addition to the status of traffic lights and traffic signals on the route, you want to visit.

Another novelty that will undoubtedly surprise drivers who use Google Maps is that now the application will provide more detailed information about the location of traffic lights and STOP signs.

The app will give much more detailed information about the route being taken. In addition to that, Google Maps will allow you to choose other options taking into account the aforementioned variants.

Google Maps news

Google Maps recently also announced that many of the features already available on Android will be available for use on iOS devices in the coming weeks.

One of them is the ability to add Google Maps widgets to the home screen of the iPhone or iPad. In addition, you can also get navigation directions with just one touch through Apple Watch.

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