Snowfall in Central Swedan!

The snowfall creates difficult road conditions in Central Sweden


Thursday’s and night’s heavy snowfall has caused several departures around the country and Friday morning can offer real chaos in traffic. April has been about as unpredictable as ever and the beautiful weather recently has in recent days turned into snow chaos and cold.

In Örebro County, several trucks have gone off the road during the night and there is extreme slipperiness around Bergslagen. We have had a large number of slippery accidents with trucks that ended up on the side and also cars that went off the road. But fortunately, there are no serious accidents, says Matilda Borgström, duty officer at the Bergslagen police region.

No injuries

Even in Gästrikland, the rescue service has been full and large amounts of wet snow in combination with strong winds have caused trees to fall over both roads and houses. There have been a number of traffic accidents without injuries and there are expected to be major problems when morning traffic starts on Friday, reports Thomas Fahlstedt, an emergency officer at Gästrike rescue service.

Moves north

But there is a brightening insight for the parts that have been hit the hardest in the last 24 hours. Right now we have a heavy snowfall from western Svealand up over southeastern Norrland, but it has been strongest during the night and will slow down during the day and move north, and then it will instead be Norrland’s coastal landscape from Umeå to Luleå that has an orange warning out, says Caroline Wahlberg, a meteorologist at SMHI.

About three decimetres of snow are expected to fall on Friday in Norrland’s coastal landscape with a few degrees below zero. Southern Sweden can look forward to slightly milder temperatures with a few single plus degrees that can give slippery road conditions and in Götaland the temperature can rise to 5-6 plus degrees. It will be quite windy but the snow will melt, says Caroline Wahlberg

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