A whistleblower from the Vitalité Health Network has informed The Guardian that formerly healthy young persons suspected of having the neurological disorder are experiencing fast worsening health and that the number of instances is increasing.

In New Brunswick, twenty- and thirty-year-olds, many of whom are caretakers, are experiencing neurological symptoms such as brain atrophy, muscle wasting, hallucinations, and sleeplessness.

Blaine Higgs

The hospital staffer who made the revelations also doesn’t think the sickness originated in the province of New Brunswick. We’re probably the region raising the flag since we’re primarily rural and in a place where individuals could be more exposed to environmental variables,” the employee told Leyland Cecco of The Guardian.

In the meanwhile, New Brunswick’s government is preventing federal scientists, who are ready to assist, from funding research into the mysterious neurological ailment that has been plaguing sections of the province.

“New Brunswick has expressly advised us not to go further with that experiment,” a government scientist mentioned in The Guardian piece said, according to a federal scientist featured in the storey.

A series of explosive reports, including this one from the Globe and Mail, the Walrus, and Macleans, has led to the release of this new information.

Even still, many unanswered questions linger. Why is the province’s premier refusing to allow federal experts to conduct an investigation into the matter? ‘

Why hasn’t the Premier ordered an environmental investigation into the sickness, given that there have been at least nine cases involving two persons in close contact?

A nursing student in her twenties, who was caring for a patient suspected of having the condition, has acquired symptoms. What steps is the province taking to ensure the health and safety of those who provide care?

There are also unanswered concerns regarding the government’s website’s reporting of the illness’s prevalence. Since the spring of 2021, the number 48 has not changed. According to many estimates, the cluster might contain as many as 150 individuals. The instances involving minors that are still under investigation are not included in this total.

What will the government do differently in the future to warn the public about a sickness cluster? Because of a leaked document to the media, we know nothing about this mysterious ailment.

Long waits to see specialists have made it difficult for those in the cluster area who are suffering symptoms to get an appointment. Practitioners, they said, had brushed aside their worries.

However, the government has unsurprisingly not come up with a plan of action to combat COVID despite a string of missteps, particularly during the Christmas vacation.

As an alternative to enlisting the help of the whole medical community in the search for answers to this confounding sickness, the Premier has chosen to place barriers in the way of scientists conducting their work, to fight for better pay for healthcare employees, and to close down hospitals.

Despite strong evidence to the contrary, the Premier and his pals at the Irving-owned Brunswick News are focused on an entirely other goal: enriching his business elite buddies through the promotion of privatised health care.

Answers and leadership are what New Brunswickers need. There is no denying that Premier Higgs believes he is only accountable to the Irvings, not us.


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