The Second World Summit on the Circular Economy begins in Cordoba

Starting at 9:30 a.m., at the Córdoba Fairgrounds, the mega international event begins, which will have 70 exhibitors from various parts of the world. At 11.15 there will be the opening ceremony with the presence of Mayor Martín Llaryora. There will be an online broadcast. Access is free for all public.

The Second World Summit on the Circular Economy begins in Cordoba
The Second World Summit on the Circular Economy begins in Cordoba

At 9:30 a.m. the World Summit on the Circular Economy begins in our city and will continue tomorrow.

The event will have more than 20 thousand face-to-face and virtual registrations. The Summit will begin with the panel “Global Perspectives towards Labor Transformation”, where the Mayor of Montevideo, Uruguay, Carolina Cosse, will speak; Nick Hurd Former Minister of London, England Vanessa Esslinger Coordinator of the Circular Economy Coalition – UN Environment José María Alcalá Director of Circular Economy at Chobe, Public Society for Environmental Management of the Basque Government Moderator: Jorge Folloni (Secretary of Environmental Management and Sustainability. Municipality of Córdoba) and the moderation of the journalist Guillermo Lobo.

Then, from 11.15, there will be the official opening ceremony in the presence of Mayor Martín Llaryora.

As in the previous edition, the event will feature the presence of prominent national and international leaders in the field, which constitutes an opportunity for the convergence of different scientific and technical sectors, political decision-makers, businessmen, and civil society organizations.

Within the framework of the Summit, the 2022 Circular Economy Fair, the Circular Ideathon and Circular Experiences, the Design Biennial, and space for Environmental Education will take place.

The purpose is to promote the paradigm shift toward a circular economy, to enhance the sustainable economy of the region.

In the first World Summit on the Circular Economy in 2021, 41 countries from 5 continents participated and had more than 3 million views on social media. “The objective of this event is to share innovative ideas and experiences to generate and articulate new business models that favor sustainable development, increasing competitiveness and improving the quality of life of all citizens”, said Enzo Cravero, president of BioCórdoba.

Peter Heck, CEO of IFAS (Institute for Applied Material Flow Management), a top research organization of the Trier University of Applied Sciences, located at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld (ECB) in Germany; Gunter Pauli, entrepreneur dedicated to the transformation of business models and a world leader in the circular economy; Evelyn Lenke, former German politician and founder of the company Thinking Circular. There will also be Nicholas Richard Hurd, a British politician who served as Minister of London from 2018 to 2019, and Juan Verde, an international strategist with vast experience, both in the public and private sectors.

The Circular Economy is a new paradigm that seeks to redefine the ideals of growth and development. It aims to transform the current production and consumption model and move from a linear economy of extraction, production, consumption, and waste, to a circular, efficient, and responsible one with the use of resources.


Within the framework of the Summit, the Ibero-American Network of Governments and Circular Cities will be present on both days with a stand, and with the Circular Experiences, the success stories of companies, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and NGOs will be made visible, which will share their applied experiences.

Likewise, there will be an environmental educational space that integrates interactive games and activities whose objective is to introduce the general public and sixth-grade students of municipal schools to the concepts of the circular economy.

Together with EPEC (Cordoba Provincial Energy Company), a Symposium on Electric and Sustainable Mobility will be held. There will be a lecture on the advances in electric mobility at a local and international level and its implication in the design of environmental policies.
Among these initiatives, the Design Biennial will be held in October, organized jointly with the Economic Development Agency of the City of Córdoba (ADEC).

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Written by Rachita Salian


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