Cold wave: alert for sharp drop in temperatures throughout the country

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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The National Weather Service warned this Sunday that a week with winter temperatures is approaching in much of the country.

As reported by the agency, during this weekend, a mass of cold air advanced from Patagonia to the central zone of the country, and when combined with nights with little cloudiness, it favored values ​​of low and icy temperatures in a large part of the Pampas region and Whose.

Therefore, from Monday, May 30, and at least until Wednesday, June 1, there will be winds from the south that will allow the entry of an air mass of polar origin that will reinforce the cold environment, even in the north of the country.

This thermal drop will be noticeable both in the minimum and maximum temperatures. Starting Wednesday and until the end of the week, the environment will continue to be cool to cool, but with a slight rise in thermal values.

Cold Wave: Alert For Sharp Drop In Temperatures Throughout The Country

Temperatures to be expected

In the south of the Litoral, the minimums are estimated between 0 and 5°C and the maximums between 10 and 14°C. As in the Pampas region, it is also expected that a low wind chill will be recorded in this area.

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