A woman’s complaint led NFL Network to remove Michael Irvin from their Super Bowl coverage

Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin

Even though it’s not clear what the woman’s allegation was about, Irvin has been put on hold until the inquiry is complete. To quote an NFL spokesman: “Michael Irvin will not be a part of the NFL Network’s Super Bowl LVII week coverage,” as reported by the New York Post.

Therefore, he will be absent from the network’s extensive coverage of the Big Game this weekend. In Glendale at State Farm Stadium, the Philadelphia Eagles will play the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFL Network Pulls Michael Irvin From Super Bowl Coverage


Irvin claimed his sole contact with the woman was a brief handshake and he was innocent of any crime. We made handshakes. I then parted ways… Irvin said as much to The Dallas Morning News when the news first broke.

Irvin elaborated on this on Dallas radio station 105.3 the Fan, saying, “Sunday night… when I arrived into the hotel, they asked what I did and I responded, ‘I simply went straight to the room.'” However, I believe I may have made a new acquaintance in the lobby.

Michael Irvin's Exclusive Interview with Patrick Mahomes | Super Bowl LVII Opening Night

I waited in the foyer for a minute to talk to someone before heading up to my room. Also, they told me they had to relocate me within the hotel after I had already arrived at my destination.

My response was, “Move me in the hotel for what?” Continuing, he stated, “So they relocated my hotel, and I asked, ‘What’s going on guys?'” What’s going on? It’s like, “Why are we changing hotels?” “Well, last night you walked in, you talked to somebody,” they remarked.

Michael Irvin pulled from Super Bowl coverage after woman's complaint


“I didn’t talk to anyone,” I declared. I made haste for the bedroom. They played the footage to prove that I had, in fact, engaged in conversation. “I spoke with the girl for maybe a minute. Not sure; they didn’t show it to me.

They informed me of this. Sorry, I missed it. He insisted, “They moved me because, apparently, the girl claimed I said something to her during the minute we spoke.” Still, he’s set to appear on ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith’s First Take.

NFL Network, ESPN pull Michael Irvin from Super Bowl-week shows after woman's complaint : r/byebyejob


It’s unlikely that this accusation will have a lasting impact on The Paymaker’s standing as a media outlet unless it leads to significant charges. The football spotlight, as well as the criminal record, is nothing new to Irvin.

He was enshrined into Canton in 2007 after amassing 750 receptions for 11,904 yards and 65 touchdowns. He also won three Super Bowls. The star wide receiver is revered as a local legend after playing for the Dallas Cowboys for 12 years.

Michael Irvin pulled from NFL Network's Super Bowl coverage after woman lodges complaint


His notoriety, though, will forever be linked to drugs and legal troubles. He has been arrested many times for possession of illegal drugs and related materials. Irvin is accused of assaulting Cowboys offensive tackle Everett McIver on July 29, 1998.  The younger player had resisted Irvin’s request to move from a barber’s chair at the team’s facility.

The experienced superstar eventually pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed McIver in the throat during the argument. Before this most recent event, he had already been accused of sexual misconduct at least three times. Since 2009, Irvin has worked as an analyst for the NFL Network and has made guest appearances on ESPN.

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