7 Interesting Things About Balinese Hinduism Indonesia

Dragon bridge monkey forest Pinterest by val waters 4 1024x768
Dragon bridge monkey forest Pinterest by val waters 4 1024x768

Almost 90% of Indonesia is Muslim. 93% of Bali’s inhabitants are Balinese Hindu religion, which is the compounding of ancient Hinduism from India, the Javanese and local beliefs.

1. Harmony in the universe

Harmony in the universe

Hinduism is based on the rule of dharma in the world. However, if an order is ruled, then there is an equivalent mess (adharma). That will balance the universe. Balinese Hinduism strives to balance the balance between these two forces, to harmony with the universe, so that people are in harmony with God (supernatural powers), nature, and other people (tri hita karana). This harmony leads to the physical and spiritual well-being of the individual, with which we can create a better world.

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