Sandra Bullock:The man who had been interned after entering her home with weapons was released

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock’s hard blow. Three years after suffering a frightening visit to an unbalanced home in Los Angeles, the 52-year-old actress plunges into a nightmare. Joshua James Corbett, had been interned in a psychiatric asylum after being introduced to the actress and has just been released according to TMZ information. In June 2014, the actress was afraid of her life when she realized in the middle of the night that someone was at her home. The Gravity star had hidden in a closet and arrested Joshua James Corbett, who had unveiled a very disturbing profile.

After being arrested, the criminal was searched. Several weapons had been found as well as a diary in which he confessed to being obsessed by the Hollywood star and wanting to sexually assault him. Sentenced, he had been temporarily barred from approaching Sandra Bullock. On Friday, the judge validated the request of the actress’s lawyer to continue the restriction as long as possible. Believing that this decision was sufficient to ensure the safety of Sandra Bullock, the judge authorized his aggressor to leave the asylum where he was being treated on condition that the patient continues his treatment while following a specialized mental health program. An injunction that should not reassure the actress, mother of two children.

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