20 things You need to know before you decide on add one more to your family

20 Things You Need To Know Before You Decide On Added One More To Your Family

The decision to have a child is one that will affect you the most in many ways. Since the baby is in the womb, you have to start making adjustments to the lifestyle to accommodate the new addition to the family. Some people decide to have a large family, but others decide to have only one child. Then we talk about the possible realities of having an only child.



1. A single child will be more dependent on your time and attention since he has no one to play with and share at home; he will seek that you be his faithful companion and friend of games.
2. Children who are unique, tend to mature faster and share with adults more than other children.
3. They seek to be the center of attention for everything, because they get used to it.
4. They will not have siblings, but they usually have many friends of different ages, although sometimes they are a little antisocial and tend to be lonely.
5. It is difficult for them to share when other children come to the house, since they are accustomed to having their toys and belongings belong to them alone. They can be a bit territorial and possessive.
6. Games are invented where the rules change for their benefit and where they always win.
7. It is difficult for another child to decide the rules when playing because they are used to always playing what they want, when and how they want.
8. They are more attached to you, so much so that sometimes they cease to mom and dad.
9. Financially it is much more bearable and better to have only one child.
10. They do not have other benefits, such as inheriting the clothes of their older brothers or toys, everything has to be bought again.
11. They demand to be your axis. They cling to you so much emotionally that they find it difficult to share with friends and even family members.
12. You can invest in buying the most expensive toys since you do not have to divide your budget among several children.
13. They can have the best birthday parties, since the whole family is looking after him.
14. They feel adults on many occasions and do not feel or act like strangers among them.
15. They get bored easily and so you’ll have to be more creative when it comes to entertaining.
16. You would not want to let him sit alone at the table because maybe he will give you a conscience charge that is without company.
17. It is hard for you to think about the time you grow up and go to college because the mere idea that you will have an empty home gives you a stomachache.
18. It is difficult for you to imagine that you will have a life apart, since both the child gets used to you and you to him and detachment can be complicated: let it go, let it grow and be a completely independent individual.
19. When you are older you will always think about why you did not have another child. If you have more than one you can think of your shared company.
20. It is possible that you will not have many grandchildren and perhaps, that you will not have any.


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