Working from home influences your mental health: advantages and disadvantages of this modality

One of the great consequences of remote work is the increase in isolation and, therefore, in social connection.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need for confinement to protect ourselves, the urgency of working from home arose and completely transforming the modality of office hours.

Since then, working from home seems to be here to stay, so it ‘s important to consider the long-term impacts it could have on our mental health.

While there are many benefits to remote setups, there are also many downsides that can affect our well-being outside of our professional lives.

For this reason we want to leave you the good and the bad of this modality:


Greater flexibility

Almost the biggest advantage of working from the comfort of your home is the flexibility it allows. The freedom to start and finish at the time you choose increases efficiency and time management, allowing us to achieve a better work-life balance.

You don’t waste time in traffic

It takes an average commuter in the UK less than an hour to get to work. In the age of flexible working, your journey is as difficult as getting out of bed and turning on your laptop. This can also reduce the stress of sitting in traffic, which in turn can help your mental health.

more family time

A job that allows you to stay home all day will reduce the risk of losing quality time together. Many parents also feel guilty when their work takes them away from their family.


Your space is reduced

Finding yourself in the exact same space for most of the day can be a little challenging. It makes it much harder to switch off your work brain, as the lines between your work and personal life become somewhat blurred.

You lose social connection

Some coworkers can become genuine friends. While this is not impossible to achieve in the digital age, it is much more difficult. After all, you can only bond in a limited way through a computer screen.

Working from home isn’t for everyone and is likely to affect mental health, so it’s important to find an arrangement that works for both you and your employer.

What do you think?

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