With a low-cut Neiva Mara swimsuit, she reveals her great charms

On this occasion, the Spanish woman decides to model from the diving board in the pool.

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SPAIN – A few days ago, Neiva Mara again caused a sensation among her millions of followers on Instagram, after she shared with them 4 snapshots with a striking swimsuit.

On this occasion, the Spanish woman decides to model from the diving board of the pool, while wearing a swimsuit with a print of 100 dollar bills, which allows us to appreciate her great charms.

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@ Soyneiva / Instagram
Neiva Mara

For the second photograph, Neiva appears on her back and leaning on her arms, making us witnesses of her impressive rear, as well as her shapely legs.

Within the third image, the influencer poses seated and with her legs open, while she places her hands on her hair and has her eyes closed, showing off her enviable figure.

Finally, the socialite reappears from the back, but this time placing her left leg up, highlighting her large buttocks even more, and giving us a beautiful smile.

Currently, Mara’s publication already exceeds 290 thousand likes and has thousands of comments from her fans, who for nothing in the world miss any of her photographs.



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