Who is and what does the husband of the famous host Laura G do?

The driver Facundo and his ex-wife introduced Laura G to her now husband at a party, they became boyfriends and married in 2016

Who Is And What Does The Husband Of The Famous Driver Laura G Do? Instagram
1/1 Who is and what does the husband of the famous driver Laura G do? Instagram

Mexico. The host  Laura G , originally from Monterrey , Nuevo León, Mexico, despite being very young, has a consolidated career in Mexican television, since she has worked for several years to achieve it.

But Laura G also already has a family made up of her Nazarene husband and two children. She is his main engine in life and in his social networks he constantly shares images where he shows how happy he is to have her.

Nazareno Pérez Brancatto is the full name of Laura G’s husband, and he is also part of show business; On his Instagram profile he shares that he is a producer, a profession that fascinates him.


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