Sweet Revenge? The letter that Geraldine Bazán sent to the Vatican to spoil Irina Baeva’s wedding

The letter that Geraldine Bazan sent to the Vatican to spoil Irina Baevas wedding
The letter that Geraldine Bazan sent to the Vatican to spoil Irina Baevas wedding

Although Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazán signed the divorce in October 2018, their religious marriage has not been annulled . Last year the soap opera heartthrob gave the engagement ring to his girlfriend, Russian actress Irina Baeva , with whom he allegedly cheated on the mother of his daughters.

Much has been said that although Irina Baeva has the dream of walking down the aisle in a white dress, this would not be possible because before the Catholic Church Gabriel Soto is still married to Geraldine Bazán . In an interview for the Telemundo show “Suelta la sopa”, the priest José de Jesús Aguilar , the same one who officiated the religious wedding of the actors in 2016, explained that the protagonist of soap operas cannot marry Irina in this way.

“When the marriage has already been fully valid, although the two people later want to annul it, it cannot be done because they are married, it is not simply an agreement, it is a sacrament where an oath was made before God.”

In the case of Catholicism, divorce is not recognized because it is a civil law procedure , in this sense, Catholic marriage only admits annulment, that is, declaring that it never existed. “There is nothing that can dissolve the marriage after it has already been made, nothing,” the priest José de Jesús Aguilar made very clear.

Sweet Revenge? The letter that Geraldine Bazán sent to the Vatican to spoil Irina Baeva's wedding
Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva have not revealed the date of their wedding. Photo: Instagram @gabrielsoto

Apparently Geraldine Bazán did not sit idly by and took an ace up his sleeve so that her ex-husband does not contract a religious marriage with the woman who allegedly got into their marriage. According to the YouTube channel “El Borlote”, the Mexican actress would have sent a letter to the Vatican, not to annul her marriage to Gabriel Soto.

“The father of his daughters will not be able to remarry before the church, as the Russian model also wanted, to tell the truth, the move of Geraldine favored Gabriel, because he was not very enthusiastic about the idea of remarriage. to marry in the church, since not even the first time I wanted to do it “.

It was in 2016 when Geraldine Bazán and Gabriel Soto got married before God and in the end the priest expressed: “what God has just joined, let man not separate”. According to “El Borlote” the actress grabbed it from there and used her contacts, the father who married them, “to deliver a letter to the Vatican and ask them to keep Gabriel her husband before God.”

An alleged friend of Gabriel Soto said, apparently, that although he was very much in love with Irina Baeva, he did not want to marry not because of the civil or because of the church, because he did not believe in marriage and preferred a free union in order to have fewer commitments.

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