Patrycia Kayy surprises her followers by modeling her sensual lace underwear

In the first image we see the model lying on her bed.

Patrycia Kayy Surprises Her Followers By Modeling Her Sensual Lace Underwear

Yesterday Patrycia Kayy left her followers captivated on Instagram after she uploaded 2 incredible snapshots in her blue lingerie set.

In the first image, we see the model lying on her bed while staring at the camera and raising her left arm, in addition to wearing her hot lingerie outfit.

Patrycia Kayy 11

For the second photograph, the influencer appears lying face down, revealing her spectacular rear, thanks to the smallness of her clothing.

There is no doubt that in her two photos Patrycia makes it clear the wonderful body she has, in addition to showing off all her sensuality, leaving more than one of her followers on Instagram breathless.

Currently, the socialite enjoys enormous popularity within the social network, exceeding one million followers, so its publications never go unnoticed.

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