Paola Pliego leaves her audience captivated after looking phenomenal in a swimsuit

The national fencer forgot about sport a bit to enjoy a nice trip in Guerrero and thus wear a divine black and white swimsuit

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Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.- The beautiful Paola Pliego, who is recognized for being a wonderful fencer of our country, showed her most attractive side by posing in such a sweet and phenomenal way in a bathing suit during her stay in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero.

Putting aside his skills, Pao decided to detach himself from the sports theme to go out to show off his beautiful figure in a climate as bright and humid as it is in the warrior state. Close to the beaches and the smell and sound of the sea, she found herself on the banks of her balcony and admired in a very tender way the panorama of the tourist city.

His greatest attribute that left his more than 44K followers in love on Instagram was nothing more and nothing less than his divine black swimsuit with different white details. Her image, where Paola Pliego is seen in profile, became one of the fans’ favorites and in turn they gave her a message full of love and charm.

Her smile said it all, she needed to leave the metropolitan area heading for paradise to forget a little about the problem she was experiencing with CONADE after her alleged positive for doping. After winning the trial, she was able to celebrate in a big way and there was no better way than in the state of the beaches of the bay.

“Miss beautiful”, divine woman, Paola you are incredible, what a pleasure to see you smile. The best athlete that exists in Mexico , I love your swimsuit, you look wonderful “, were read in the comments received by the fencer, who did not hesitate to respond each one for their emotion of feeling the support of all their people.

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Despite the fact that the capital city will not be able to represent the country in the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, she prepares suitcases for what will be the summer fair of France 2024, where she will try to train in a very strong way to be among the first to get an Olympic place within the fencing discipline.

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Paola Pliego enjoys being focused on her respective projects and at the same time being able to support her compatriots in their respective competitions. She feels very happy for them and at the same time left them a clear message, to win for them and never give up.

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Written by Leena Wadia

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