Not all princesses like pink says Issa Vegas who dazzles with an incredible black outfit

The spectacular Issa Vegas ignites the networks with an unexpected publication in which she claims to prefer black to dress than pink.

issa vegas
issa vegas

Mexico.- One of the most influential women in social networks in recent months is the Argentine Issa Vegas who increasingly adopts Mexico as the country through her millions of followers as well. And it is that the fitness girl has them so spoiled that it is practically impossible not to love her.

Recently, Issa Vegas made a statement with a tremendous publication on his social networks where he dazzled and made it clear that a 100% natural body  is much more attractive and that the model used a black outfit that immediately proved him right. The Argentine won hundreds of likes for her photo.

As if that were not enough, Issa Vegas left a phrase that made the publication have much more impact, ensuring that “Not all princesses like the color pink”, a clear example that in her the color black goes very well.

The image of Issa Vegas reached more than 107 thousand likes in just a few hours and it was no wonder. The texture of her outfit in vinyl that highlighted each of the natural curves of the model, in addition to the fact that there was no effect on the photograph, as it was taken, it was uploaded which speaks good things about how well she works.

Not all princesses like pink says Issa Vegas who dazzles with an incredible black outfit
This is how the princess of Issa Vegas looks without using the color pink | Photo: Instagram Issa Vegas

The comments for Issa Vegas were immediate, all the time but always respecting the model, “You look fantastic, you look like the protagonist of a movie, beautiful”, “In black you look better”, “You look very good “,” Beautiful woman “, and many other messages that filled the notifications of his Instagram.

Issa Vegas follows a great path in the networks, without problems and only doing what he likes, showing the changes in his body for the better and helping those who need it, always supported by her studies that support her to be able to impart the opinions that they fans request. Not for nothing currently has more than 8.2 million fans. 

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