Magui Bravi dazzled with a top and a mini skirt

Before going live on television, the model anticipated her looks and got all the accolades.

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Magui Bravi is one of the most beautiful women in Argentina, her followers say so and they also share the point of view of public opinion in entertainment. And the dancer each time she appears affirms that concept more.

This time he showed how he was preparing for Bienvenidos a Bordo, Guido’s show on El Trece. Before going on stage, Magui showed her previous look and the one she was going to use when dancing.

Magui Bravi dazzled with a top and a mini skirt

“Ready ! Today I stop by #bienvenidosaboard ! Let’s see if you guess what I dance this time!

There the fans began to risk the dance that the model would also play and launched various rhythms. Gilda, Cumbia and rock were some of the bets.

Magui Bravi dazzled with a top and a mini skirt

Other comments directly maximized the beauty of the dancer. “I think I love you,” wrote one fan. “Perfection ‚̧ūüĒ•”, said another follower. And many agreed in the comment: “I love you.”

Every time Magui steps on the El Trece studios, he dazzles with some occurrence. Like the time he used the big toe technique to pull up the rope and it stunned Guido Kaczka.

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