Lyna Pérez shows her statuesque curves in a tiny swimsuit on Instagram

Currently, the publication of the socialite already has more than 310 thousand likes.

Lyna 2
Lyna Pérez | Instagram

3 days ago, Lyna Pérez surprised millions of her followers on Instagram by publishing 3 snapshots in a fabulous swimsuit.

In the first image, we find the model right in front while wearing her stunning bikini, perfectly accentuating her great charms.

Lyna 1 1
Lyna Perez

For the second photo, Lyna appears sitting on her back, making us witnesses of her surprising rearguard, leaving more than one of her fans breathless.

Finally, Pérez reappears in a position quite similar to the first one, placing her two hands on her thighs and showing off her surprising abdomen.

The influencer decided to accompany her post with a description in which we can read “assignment understood”, followed by the emoticon of a fairy.

Currently, the publication of the socialite already has more than 310 thousand likes, in addition to thousands of comments from her fans, who for nothing in the world miss one of her updates.



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