Kim Kardashian amazes fans by implanting a necklace on her skin

Kim Kardashian amazes fans by implanting a necklace on her skin
Kim Kardashian amazes fans by implanting a necklace on her skin

Through Instagram, Kim Kardashian caused a stir for her new ‘beauty accessory’, which was categorized as “scary”.

It causes amazement with new ‘fashion’. Kim Kardashian again generated controversy in Instagram, because the model surprised all his followers by showing off with a necklace implanted in his skin, which would even emit lights with the beating of his heart. The celebrity accessory has caused chills among his fans, who did not hesitate to express their criticism.

“My necklace shines like the heartbeat of my heart, it moves to the rhythm of my heart,” Kim said as she displayed the beauty accessory on her official Instagram account, where it is apparently an extension of her skin, which is temporary use and is part of the project A. Human.

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As expected, the wave of criticism came immediately and users even claimed that they felt fear or nausea when they saw how the neck of the leader of the Kardashian clan looked. “Oh, it’s disgusting, I love it!” Said another of the followers, who joined the hundreds of comments.

What is the project?

Simon Huck is the author of the project A. Human, which wants to represent the idea that in the future humans will be able to design their own body, managing to implant the forms they want. “A. Human talks about the freedom to explore this world and live in this world the way we want,” Huck explains in Vogue.

This would not be the first time that the famous test the curious implants in people, because previously the model Chrissy Teigen was also part of the campaign to wear wings with feathers on her neckline, but in the wake of criticism, still it is not clearly defined where the project will aim.

What do you think?

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