Issa Vegas assures that jeans are also her favorites and that is how she models them ( Photos )

Issa Vegas says she also likes jeans
Issa Vegas says she also likes jeans

When talking about Issa Vegas , she immediately relates too small swimsuits or very sportswear clothes because they are two of the best known facets of the influencer but she also has another where she ensures that jeans are part of her outfits and who also loves to use them.

During her visit to Miami, Issa Vegas has left some photos in her networks where the jeans did not shine for her presence but never appeared, but in the most recent publication she affirms the opposite with the message, “I love jeans” where in addition she did not hesitate to model them.

In total there were 3 photos where she gave different angles of her clothing, the two that reveal her rear attributes are the ones that take the applause because everything is in its place and that has an explanation, Issa Vegas is a married woman with physical conditioning for what every part of your body is worked to look that amazing.

Not only her buttocks were the center of attention, her muscles are increasingly noticeable, mainly in her legs, although in her back you can see some protruding muscles. That is why Issa Vegas what I wear or what does not look great on her.

Issa Vegas.jpg 370703203 | Geekybar
Issa Vegas Does Not Disappoint With Everything She Wears | Photo: Instagram Issa Vegas

And more than 69,000 people couldn’t be wrong that Issa Vegas can go with whatever clothes she wears. Although their male fans prefer outfits that include small swimsuits, although there are women who also enjoy this content because they see the model as a clear example of what they want to become in time.


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