How to wash your swimsuit correctly

How to wash your swimsuit correctly

Learn how to keep their shape and make them look like new for a long time

During your vacation , or when you return, you will be faced with washing your swimsuits and knowing how to do it correctly will help you maintain the shape, as well as the color, of these often delicate pieces.

Washing your swimsuits without damaging them is possible , which will make them look like new and prolong their useful life, so we avoid buying bikinis every time we take a trip to the beach .

That is when doubts arise, can we clean them in the washing machine or is it better to wash them by hand? What is the best way to dry them? How to prevent them from fading in the process? But don’t worry. Well, here are some tricks that you can put into practice , which we know will become your best allies to take care of your clothes.

Soak with salt and vinegar

This is a tip that is important to put into practice before wearing your swimsuits. Putting your clothes to soak in salt and vinegar will fix the colors , which will prevent them from losing their tones before and after going to the beach.

wash them by hand

It is recommended to wash these pieces by hand, because most swimsuits usually have padding in the bust area and, when placed in the washing machine, they can deform and give us an unfavorable appearance.

In case your bikini does not have them, or you can easily take them off and put them on, remove them and wash your garments in the washing machine, without worries. Do not forget to put the wash cycle “delicate garments”.

cold water after use

We have repeated on several occasions that cold water is our best ally for difficult fabrics , so rinsing your garments with cold water after each use will help you remove substances such as chlorine so that they are not damaged.

Avoid the use of fabric softeners

We know that you like your clothes to smell good after washing them, but the use of fabric softener tends to deteriorate the fabric of swimwear.

Do not squeeze and let dry in the shade

Another tip so that your swimsuits do not lose their shape or elasticity is not to squeeze these garments with force. Remove excess water by placing a towel over these and pressing down with your hands, which will absorb the moisture. Afterwards, it is allowed to dry outdoors in the shade to preserve the color.

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